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It's rewind time (Part 1)


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why hello there, again!
As you all know, Hytale just hit us with a wave of blog posts, revealing a whole lot of very nice things (including a release date!). So I think it's adequate now for me to take a look back at all of my posts on this forum so far, and see whether or not my deep analysis has been deep enough. Of course, as Hytale has made it painstakingly clear, everything is still in development, plus, there wasn't a huge amount of details given anyway. Although... GAMEPLAY!!!!

This is a very, very, very, very, very very very VERY long post. If you really don't care, don't waste your time. It's honestly just self-examination.

But before we go into it, I will shamelessly put links to all of my previous posts:

Mineral Speculation
Analyzing Grass
Theorizing Farming
Wonders With Weapons
Hytale Races
Inspecting the UI (Inventory)
Analyzing Enemies
Hytale Release Date (Speculation with evidence)

So... If you want to look back at any of those... It might be helpful to understand... Or not...

Mineral Speculation
Let's start this off with the true OG post. Other than my introductory post, this was my first one.

So there's not too much to talk about since my post wasn't very long, plus they haven't released much on ores. However, one of my points was that the ores seemed to glow, which has been confirmed in the Exploring Hytale's Block Tech blog post. I also made some speculation about minerals being used in weapons, or to buff weapons or armor by sharpening them. We know that at least the fact that minerals can be used in weapons is confirmed due to this concept art:

Then I brought up potions, which we haven't really heard anything about (other than they exist)
So, in conclusion, we haven't learned very much about minerals. Hytale has not focused on them at all.
Next up, my favorite:

Analyzing Grass
This one! This one was... Interesting, to say the least. No theories, just a deep spiral down a very dark and confusing path... You should really check it out! Anyways, that's all I have to say for it, there hasn't been anything from Hytale on the issue with the grass. Although, from what I can see, just glancing at all the new images, I can't see any of that pesky full-block grass...
For example:
Zone 1 Shadows.jpg
That's really pretty by the way. But you can see that there is only one type of gra- oh no...
Point of Interest 1.jpg

Theorizing Farming

Everyone, please ignore that typo... I'lol be very upset if you don't...
Yes, that was on purpose...

So in this post, I pretty much just went through the different crops, listed what I saw, noted the water bucket, and then realized an issue completely unrelated to farming. How do you make tools? You can see my thought process in the actual post if you want. Anyway, That still hasn't been solved yet, but on the actual farming side of it, while I didn't have any other theories about it, I can still point out new cool things, right?
Actually, I think m- Oh no... By Varyn's tentacle horns! I've run out of characters! I guess I'll have to split this into two parts! I'll start the next one at the beginning of this section.

See you there!
(That's a link, by the way. You should click it!)


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