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Analyzing Enemies


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why hello there!
So I've been looking over the media section of Hytale's website, and I decided to do some analyzing and theorizing for the game's very own: Enemies. So let's investigate!

Alright, so I'm not going to just slap down a picture of every single enemy in the game just to make this post longer. I'm going to slap down a picture of every single enemy in this game for fun!
Yeah... No. I'm just mainly going over enemy behavior and other information given. I would show you most of these images as GIFs like they are on the website, but unfortunately, it says the file is too large. So images it is! First up:

Enemy Alerts

Fen Stalker Alert.JPG

So this Fen Stalker has just located something (most likely a player) that it is reacting to. We see it go from resting to alert, back to resting. I assume this is not how it will normally work, as it will most likely go straight to attacking after the alert animation is played. Another example is this Trork, who has been coded to act alerted when he sees a bear:
Trork Sees Bear.JPG
Trork Code.JPG

So he basically just raises a fist. Now, I know everything shown is still in development and subject to change, but judging by this so far, it seems like each enemy has a completely separate animation for being alert, which will add to the liveliness of the gameplay. On a separate note, this is probably the only alert animation for the Trork, since the code just says, "Animation: Alerted". This means each entity probably has one alerted animation. However! Look at this next image:
Trork Finds Meat.JPG
That is a clip from the video released in the "Building Behaviors" blog post, about the Trork's reaction to finding meat on the ground. Its body reacts differently from its alert animation (No hand raise). More importantly, those exclamation points!!! <-- Three of them, right there. But also three above its head! These fade in and out in a nice animation (That I wish I could show you all), which is actually kinda groundbreaking if you think about it. I mean, it wouldn't make much sense to just have exclamation marks show up just for spotting food, right? But, neither the Fen Stalker, not the first Trork had the exclamation marks above their heads. Obviously, this is the result of the game being an unfinished product. That being said, the exclamation marks being shown in the first place means it's a seriously considered idea from the developers. I think we just need to keep this in the back of our minds.
(totally unrelated), but do you see that meat? Maybe I can have a whole separate post about items... Anyway, moving on to the next subcategory,

Other Reactions

This category is pretty vague, but I don't really know what else to title it. So let's start with the weather. In the same "Building Behaviors" blog post, we were shown a video depicting a Trork getting woken up by the rain, and being pretty mad about it:
Trork Awakened By Rain.JPG
Yeah, I know, It's a little hard to see. This in itself opens up several different possibilities. If rain can cause a reaction, can other elements that aren't physical (such as sound) do so as well? Does other weather result in a different reaction? Who knows? Obviously not me, since I'm the one asking all these questions! Anyway, after his whining to the sky, the Trork walks over and sits at the fire:
Trork Moves to Fire.JPG
So that begs the question: Are campfires some sort of beacon for Trorks? Does it mark the center of camp? It also begs the question: Is he moving to the fire to "warm up", or to warm up? You may ask me, what is the difference between that phrase in quotes versus italics? Well, a lot. In quotes, I mean the developers put it in there just as a visual thing to add realism and it isn't part of any real system. Clearly, italics demonstrate the opposite. Clearly. Wouldn't it be cool if other entities moved to fires when they are cold or wet? That begs yet another question: can temperature control translate to the player themself? Man, this image is so demanding, so much begging! I have gone seriously off-topic on this one, haven't I? On to the last one:

Well, that's just lovely. This topic is an interesting one since it seems that when enemies die, they stay as a corpse:
Fen Stalker Death.JPG
Rip Fen Stalker, 2019-2019.
In the video here, the Fen Stalker dies. It just makes a noise, flails around, and falls face down on the lovely swamp grass. The GIF goes on for about 2 more seconds, with the Fen Stalker not moving. Not an inch. No red flash and "poof" like in Minecraft. It just lays there. Dead.
Again, I know this is not final, but this could mean that corpses stay on the ground after dying. Bodies would then be lootable, probably disappearing once empty or left for too long. But that's just speculation. It's an interesting concept which I don't think many people have considered. It makes more sense when you think about how the meat in the other image looked. It was really large, which means a ton of loot dropping from an enemy might not look the best. But really, this is all analysis of one, three-second long GIF, so who knows?

So I know there are a lot of other enemy-related things to talk about, but this post is long enough already. That's my way of saying I don't feel like typing anymore!
That means I'll probably be making a part 2 sometime in the future. But that's it for now. As always, leave a like or other positive reaction, and comment on any ideas or other things you have to say. Maybe just a "Hi".
So to the three of you who end up reading this post, I hope you have a great day!



Dreamleaf | CEO
Nov 7, 2019
Thanks for putting in the effort to make such a detailed post!