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Theorizing Farming


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why hello there, HytaleHub.

Due to the shown interest in farming, I decided to make another:
Over-complicated analysis on an isolated feature!

And today...
Because I didn’t mention that already...

We haven’t really been given too much information on farming in the game, so this is pretty much all a “read between the lines” thing. So, to do that, we need some lines to read through, although in this case, it’s pixels!
All right, so. First thing’s first, we can see that you need to water your plants, but not with a water block placed next to it (as in Minecraft) but with a watering can. I do like the texture of it. Now, the question is, what crops are there to water? In this image, we can see the following:
Eggplant (or some other purple vegetable/fruit)
Cabbage/lettuce (I can never tell the difference)
A couple other flowers

That’s all I could see, let me know if I missed anything. There are many different growing stages shown, such as the stem of a pumpkin popping out, then a yellow pumpkin, and finally a full one. Also, we can see the first stage of a carrot, and all three stages of the cabbage/lettuce (the beginning leaves can be seen in the middle, it the top left, we see yellow with leaves around it, and in the middle back, the full state). This leads me to believe that all crops have three stages of growth. You can also distinguish the plowed block under the crops (also seen in this zoomed in screenshot)
This player is also watering the crops. The question in my mind, is how to get the watering can. Actually, how do you get the hoe to farm the land? How do you even get tools!?
In the workbench UI picture shown in the blog post (here)
You see at the top of the screen a tab bar, with the options of swords, axes, maces, battle-axes, and bows, but not tools!
Where on Orbis are the tools? Is there a separate workbench just for that? That doesn’t make sense. This is THE workbench. There’s no way that the dirt tilled itself.
Now, it is possible that that workbench tip on the right is just because the player is hovering over the workbench in their inventory. On the website, they do say,
“One of out ideas is to incorporate crafting and processing directly into the inventory screen, letting you easily and quickly assemble the gear you need to survive in the wilds while also offering flexibility of PVP players”
If this is the case, and maybe you can only craft those weapons in the inventory screen, but you need the workbench for making tools, then I guess that makes sense for PvP players, but that just makes it more complicated for tools.
Honestly, my theory is that, maybe they don’t have the hoe coded into the game yet. Just a wild guess, but the only two farming images shown both have someone holding a watering can, and we can’t see it in the inventory crafting. Also, there’s no concept art with the hoe (although neigher was there with the watering can)
It’s highly possible I’m completely wrong here, but I don’t know.
Also, just in case any of these relate to farming (I mean, there were flowers as crops in the first image)
Farming these may relate to potions, so I may do a post on that, or maybe I’lol make a post on weapons...
I don’t know.

Now here’s my question to you:
Is the scarecrow just for aesthetics, or does it actually scare off crows?
If this is the case, then does that mean your crops are always in danger of getting eaten?


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Wiki Editor
Dec 31, 2018
Very interesting! (y)