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Theory Hytale Races


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why Hello There!
I finally figured out how to add that prefix I keep seeing!

Anyhow, let’s get into it!

Let’s also stop using exclamation marks!

Okay, so. Everyone remember in the “Customizing Your Character” blog post, how they said... might as well just show you:
Yeah, also remember how everyone said, “Oh, wow they got us, it’s the white haired girl with the ice staff!”?
Well... Yes... buuuuuut, they said “you may have already caught a glimpse of SOME of them...”, SOME, which leaves me to believe, that everyone is missing something... something obvious.
And then, after a long quest for small, zoomed in image indicating something that, might just give me something to build off of, creating a crazy theory of a race. But no. It was literally in the wide open:
See that, in the left corner? The lizard guy hanging out, peacefully watching the movie being made? THIS guy:

Soooo.... There’s no way that a common swamp enemy is helping to make a movie, right? So that means.....
We have a potential race!
Now, I say potential, since I guess it could be some NPC or something that was spawned in, but I don’t think they would keep it standing around when it’s not being filmed...

But that begs the question: If you can play as actual enemies... what does that mean for the game? This could be revolutionary. Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s just a skin or something...
Well, anyway, assuming I’m at least partly right, does this mean that that specific enemy is then always peaceful to you? Maybe do you get some skill boost based on the race you are? If that’s so, then that means you may get more hearts, more defense, more offense (maybe even with certain weapons or elements)!

In fact, this isn’t that far fetched, since we know there are rings in this game:
And what else do rings do in games other than raise stats? (unless they’re the one’s you jump through)...
In any case, let me know what you think this means, since I’m not sure. And it’s not just the lizards, in the “watch movies together” clip, you can clearly (well, I mean, not so clearly, since it’s zoomed in) see a trork, feran, skeleton, and kweebec:
Again, these might just be skins or something, but I don’t know...
Also, if you haven’t seen a feran:
Anyways, that’s all, so...
Let the race begin I guess?


Active member
Jul 23, 2019
well.. in the character creator there wasnt really a race options as i saw and in the first category of the char. creator there was an option for a masculine and feminine char together with a open field for something? Wait i actually take that back and say that they didnt even have that kind of option in the char creator in the trailer! https://gyazo.com/18f3accb4e4785ca9d6e7d3d6140e811 and in the ears section there arent elven ears or any other non-human ears or any other option for elf making!


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Dec 18, 2019
The Feran is cute (why would the bugs enslave them) but I for the Dino thing I think it is just a costume