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It's rewind time (Part 2)


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Jan 9, 2019
Okay, so if you didn't start with Part 1, you'll be really confused right now.

Here's a link!

Theorizing Farming

" Typo.JPG "
Everyone, please ignore that typo... I'lol be very upset if you don't...
Yes, that was on purpose...

So in this post, I pretty much just went through the different crops, listed what I saw, noted the water bucket, and then realized an issue completely unrelated to farming. How do you make tools? You can see my thought process in the actual post if you want. Anyway, That still hasn't been solved yet, but on the actual farming side of it, while I didn't have any other theories about it, I can still point out new cool things, right?
Actually, I think my next post will be a "Theorizing Farming 2" because there's a lot to talk about. For now, just some surface analysis:
Ah, our first look at the hoe! And do you see that farming cart? What do you think it does? Maybe it holds those tools... oh, a pitchfork? What does that do? Is it a tool or a weapon? Or both? Is that a target in the middle-right? Ohhhh....
Farming 2.jpg
OH. I am SOOOO coming back to this image! Let's see... Seed bags, Fertilizer... Oh, in the first Hotbar slot, there's that same wagon! It still looks like the plants grow in three stages, as I observed, although, as confirmed, in real-time over several in-game days!
Okay, so anyway, that wasn't really comparing to my post, but it was still fun. Moving on!​

Wonders With Weapons

Again, not much more has been revealed about this topic. In my post, I pretty much just listed what I saw in the concept art, and did some theorizing for the anvil. The only thing I can think about is this new form of magic, a "Purple Book", shown in the gameplay:
Book Skeleton.JPG
Sorry, It's just a screenshot...
So that's cool. You can check out the video in their blog post to see more about how the book works. It's just a new example of magic. Other than that, I can't find anything that relates to my post. So that was short.

Hytale Races
Oh did I get this right or what? Did I single-handedly predict this? Probably not.
Really, you should
check out my post to see what I'm talking about!
So I basically concluded that you would be able to play as different mobs, or races.

And I was right.

In the blog post titled "Customizing Hytale", at the very bottom, they reveal that you can easily swap between different character models, from a human, to a Kweebec, to a pigeon! You can even hold and use weapons! And on top of all of that, you can perform character-specific actions, such as flying as a pigeon or dragon! That's right, DRAGON!
Character Change 1.JPG Character Change 2.JPG Character Change 3.JPG
Now, the way they phrased it, it does, unfortunately, seem like this is not a normal feature in adventure mode. It appears that this is just for modding or creative mode. Technically that's not confirmed, but it does seem like we'll just be human explorers...

Inspecting the UI (Inventory)

This was just last week, but still, so much has been confirmed in the new posts! For instance:
Farming 2.jpg
I told you we would be coming back to this image!
So, in my post, I determined that both the compass at the top and the icons in the bottom-right would be on-screen at all times, which they are. Also, along with the original four icons in the very first blog post: A sneak peek at Hytale's UI, shown in this image:
You can see that there's a fifth icon, one of a banner. This could resemble factions or something. I'm not sure!
If you want to see what I think the other four are,
click here!
I just realized I linked that twice!
So nothing else I mentioned in my post has been confirmed, but would you look at that Hotbar... What do the yellow and blue bars represent? Stamina and Mana?
Okay, second-to-last post:

Analyzing Enemies

Alright, so this was my latest post, and I think only one theory that's been addressed, which is enemy death. This time, I think I was wrong! In my post, I deducted that, when an enemy dies, it will stay as a corpse until looted or enough time goes by. I thought this made sense because of the video of the Fen Stalker shown, as well as the way dropped items stood up. But, at least from the gameplay, that doesn't seem to be the case.
Death Drop 1.JPG
Okay, so in the first image a player kills a skeleton, and you can see the mace being dropped as an item. It's standing upright, as the meat was in the Trork image:
Trork Finds Meat.JPG
Then, the skeleton lies, dead, on the ground for about a second, but suddenly just disappears. No particles or anything. It just ceases to exist. I'm not sure how I feel about this:
Death Drop 2.JPG Death Drop 3.JPG
(Bottom left of the stairs. The bones)

Alright! So now... As you may or may not have been aware, I've been listing my posts in chronological order. However, I wanted to save this one for last...

Hytale Release Date (Speculation with evidence)

I just wanted to save this one for last because it was funny.
I basically used the blog posts (which at that time were coming out weekly) to determine my idea of Hytale's release. It's pretty interesting. I concluded, with my speculation on how many future blog posts there would be, it would be in about 10 months.
Of course, since I was overly optimistic, I sugarcoated it to oblivion until it was one month. That was in mid-March. Of course, now we know the release to be in 2021, so even my longest guess was incorrect (maybe, just maybe, not for the beta...)

Even more, pretty much right after that, Hytale stopped doing the blog posts weekly, so the basis for the whole theory was instantly incorrect... soooo

So If you actually read all of that, well... first of all, I admire your patience. More importantly, I hope you liked it! I mean, it was just me talking about myself the whole time, but... Anyway.

To those of you who celebrate it:
I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

And to the rest of you:
Just have an awesome day!
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Dec 31, 2018
Good job !


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Dec 18, 2019
Who else likes reading complicated threads that are big and understand somehow I pretty sure I do