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Why Hello There!
My name is AgentB8 and I make threads speculating game elements or otherwise through intense analysis.

If you ever want to view any of the threads I've made (I don't know, why not?) I have a list right here!

Mineral Speculation
Analyzing Grass
Theorizing Farming
Wonders on Weapons
Hytale Races
Inspecting the UI
Analyzing Enemies
Analyzing Farming 2

The Hycycle

Hytale Movie Maker Anaysis

Keep in mind, some of these were made a long time ago! But that doesn't mean they aren't worth a read!

Also, if you haven’t registered yet, or you know someone that will, my referral link is: http://hytalehub.com/?referrer=3140

By no means do you have to at all, I’m just putting it out there!​






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