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Theorizing Farming 2


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why hello there!
My fellow Hytale enthusiasts!

Okay. This is the last time. I've tried and failed at least three times to make this post and get it out. But alas, I've fallen into what I like to call,

The HyCycle

This is the recurring pattern in the Hytale community. A blog is released, people get hyped, posts are made, conversations begin. Then, in about 3 days: nothing. Everything is caught in an inescapable suspension. Motivation seeps away from all of us, never to be seen again. Not until another blog post. Then, the cycle continues, and we're back where we started. As soon as the November post was released, I got to work on a post on farming. Then I stopped. I thought about picking back up, but I didn't. I tried after the December post, but... no. Then came around the January post a couple of weeks ago. I was swept into the current and opened up the thread poster, and my draft didn't save (I mean, obviously). So I started from scratch... and then stopped. Only now, have I painfully forced myself to crawl out of that molasses and try to get this message acr- Oh, great, the draft didn't save... So, I've presented a problem. Will I attempt a solution?


(That's not what I'm here for right now)

Now, can I finally present:

Theorizing Farming 2

Alright. So, there's quite a lot to cover here. Both of the blog posts have had a designated section for farming. While no groundbreaking or detailed information has been released, I can still squeeze any and all detail out of what little they have to say. So here's the deal. I'm going to break this down, not by post, not by mechanic, function, theme, or section, but by image!

Farming 1.JPG

So, this image reveals: absolutely nothing! Technically, it's even more of a quote than an image, but I'm just rolling with it. This was sort of a warm-up, if you will. (What was that? "For me, or for you?" You decide.)
Anyways, moving on,
Farming 2.JPG
This one, on the other hand, does. Yes, from various trailer shots and blog images, we see chickens and such in pens, but there was no confirmation on whether there was any function to that (which there is now!). In addition, now we know, like Minecraft, you can domesticate animals! Again, yes there were dogs and cats shown previously, but it wasn't confirmed that they weren't domestic previously. Also, this opens the possibility of more types of animals to be domesticated.
Now, to the important part: The animal happiness system! First of all, I wonder, what will the happiness system influence? The yield of animals (like eggs)? Will they die if they're too sad? I don't know. What do you all think? (Yes, I know, I'm talking to an empty void). Now, onto the specifics.
The feed seems pretty straightforward: Certain animals eat certain things, and you have to give an animal what they like often enough so that they are happy. This one might cause them to die if they don't get enough. That would make feed very important. Is "feed" going to be its own item or just a normal player food? Will there be different types of feed that give different amounts of happiness? Who knows?
The availability of good bedding... So, I guess this means that there will be a bedding block, maybe different sizes per animal. "good bedding" makes it sound like there are different kinds.
Finally, the company of similar creatures. Hmmm. I wonder if there's a limit as well... And I wonder if having non-similar creatures negatively impacts happiness... This is a hard subject. With that out of the way, let's move on!
Okay, so there isn't a huge amount of stuff in here. There's a nice hoe animation, and we can see some crops budding up... Oh, here's something! That cart, both in the foreground (left) and the background (center). It seems to be a holder for a watering can, a pitchfork, and hay. That's a lot to go over. Do you think it's actually storage or just decoration? Assuming it is for holding items, that might just be evidence of actual item shelves or wall mounts! Something to think about. Also, is the pitchfork a weapon or a tool? I think it's a tool since it's with the farming stuff, and most likely connected to hay. Speaking of the hay, that may just be that "feed" they were talking about earlier! Maybe the pitchfork is used to... Stack... Or destroy... the hay? I don't know... What do you think, endless void?
Farming 2.jpg
Moving forward, there's not much else to see here, either. No new crops, though we do see the cart again, both in the Hotbar, and the scene. Now, it is a work in progress, but I'm leaning towards just decoration, since it has all the tools already on it as an item... Also, we see a seed packet. So that's interesting. I wonder if you need an empty packet first. Finally, we see something in the Hotbar and his hands, leading to the next image:
...Yeah. So, we have fertilizer. It probably just gets applied to a tilled block, and either speeds up the growing process, or makes it yield more or something along those lines. I see there's a new player animation and some nice looking ambient flies. Maybe we'll get something like that throughout the world or something.
Now, this is something I commented on in the original post. That depth of field, the blurring in the background... I really hope that's a mechanic in the movie-making mode. That would be cool. I doubt it's actually a normal part of the game since it's in virtually no other screenshots, but I just hope it wasn't simply edited in photoshop or something...

They posted a 24-second long clip of the growing stages of some plants. I can't show that here, but I took some screenshots. Let me separate them into phases. Keep in mind that the line and play button at the bottom does not mean it's a video!

Stage 1:
Farming stage 1.png
The seed stage. Not much else. Nice to see the diversity in seed appearance. Not much else.
Stage 2:
Farming stage 2.png
So this was roughly after one night, and every seed has sprouted into a... sprout. It's not clear in this image, but different pants d grow at different (not too different) paces. This image is on the same light of day as stage 1
Stage 3:
Farming stage 3.png
And the mystery begins to unwind. I mean as to what plants they are. In stage 3, the main shape begins to show, colors appear, and flowers bloom. This is again after 1 night.
Stage 4:
Farming stage 4.png
Okay, so this is the last stage for the eggplant, carrot, and cabbage, but not for the wheat and... um... potatoes? Squash? I don't feel like doing the research. Anyway, almost all of the three mentioned plants have fully matured and are ready for harvesting. One eggplant is late, though. It was probably planted last.
Stage 5:
Farming stage 5.png

And here come the slowpokes. the wheat and some substance have finished growing. I'm guessing that crops that grow up to stage 5 are probably better in some way. I don't know that for sure.

So that concludes this post. It was quite a lot of info, but I really wanted to get this out before the February post comes out and adds to the pile. Anyway, maybe I'll make a post about the HyCycle, but, according to, well, the HyCycle, I probably won't.

Anyways, I hope the endless void enjoyed this post I threw into it, and I hope that real people enjoy it once they come back after the next blog post. Feel free to comment on any questions, thoughts, or pictures of cats down below, and have a fabulous day! See ya,