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Fairytale is a brand new Hytale Guild. The primary reason for the creation of Fairytale is to bring people from all around the globe together. Create new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

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αвoυт υѕ Here at Fairytale, we focus on our members' experience in and out of Hytale. The main idea behind this Guild is to bring people from all around the globe that love Hytale together. Below you can read the list of what we provide as a Guild. Discord server I find TeamSpeak quite... Read more
acнιeveмenтѕ Hello everyone and welcome to the achievements thread. Here I will post all unimportant small updates regarding the guild. Such updates can be how many people have viewed our guild, how many people have joined etc. Read more
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Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/zpVzKNj ➭ Our Discord server is finally ready for the public! If you wish to join us, just click the link above ↥ Wondering what you can do in our Discord Server? From changing your name colour to listening to music and talking with others, our... Read more