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Fairytale is a brand new Hytale Guild. The primary reason for the creation of Fairytale is to bring people from all around the globe together. Create new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

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Fairytale is a brand new Hytale Guild. The primary reason for the creation of Fairytale is to bring people from all around the globe together. Create new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!
For our Guild to be friendly to anyone, despite their age, background, race etc. we have to make sure that all members, no exceptions, follow our Guild's rules.

Note: The Guild rules may change at any time, we will notify you of any alterations that may happen, but it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the rules.
  • All Hytale rules apply.
  • All Discord Terms of Service apply.
  • Usage of strong language is accepted up to a point. Keep it moderate.
  • Harassing anyone from within or without the Guild will not be tolerated.
  • Sexual, Racial or similar comments shall lead to an instant Guild kick without notice.

αвoυт υѕ
Here at Fairytale, we focus on our members' experience in and out of Hytale. The main idea behind this Guild is to bring people from all around the globe that love Hytale together. Below you can read the list of what we provide as a Guild.
  • Discord server

  1. I find TeamSpeak quite challenging to use when it comes to specific functions of it. That's why I decided to create a Discord server which will be available to the public fairly soon. As a Guild member, you will get access to a special category but also receive a fancy Discord rank so you can stand out from the other players.

    In the Discord server, we will be hosting monthly giveaways and weekly events as well as Karaoke, Game and Movie nights.
    • Monthly Giveaways
  2. In the Guild, we will be hosting monthly giveaways. The Guild members will get access to "premium" giveaways which can be organised twice a month but also include better items.
    • Weekly Events
  3. As a community-based guild, we strive to offer the best both in & out of Hytale experience to our members. That's why we will be hosting weekly events. These may vary, but the most common are:

    1. Game Night: We will be playing 4+ hours Hytale or other Multiplayer games, the primary purpose of these events is to help the members of the Guild get better stats, items or other in-game goodies.

    2. Movie Night: Every Saturday all members of the guild will get the chance to view the most voted movie of the week, free of charge.

    3. Crazy Night: Feel like singing, dramatic reading or doing other silly stuff on our own or with another Guild member? Then crazy night is for you! A 4+ hour event which will be hosted for anything that isn't a movie or a game!
    • Socialising
  4. One of the reasons I wanted to make Fairytale was because I didn't want to play on my own. This Guild is a great way to socialise, make friends and memories while playing your favourite games.

    more stuff αвoυт υѕ
    While many will argue that Fairytale isn't an appropriate name for a war guild there are a few reasons as to why I chose that name in particular.
    1. As this Guild will be mostly based around Hytale a-for the greatest part-fantasy game, I wanted the Guild's name to have to do with a fantasy creature or similar. I came up with some creatures such as Dragons, Goblins, Orcs but only Fairy sounded right for what I wanted to create.
    2. The second reason behind the name is because I wanted the members of this Guild to be a part of a long-long tale. A tale in which all members are the lead role. Plus, I had already chosen to use Fairy in the name of the Guild, so I thought that 'Fairy tale' was precisely what I wanted this guild to represent.
    3. As I have already mentioned a couple of times, the guild is based around Hytale. Thanks to Hytale having the word 'tale' in it, after coming up with the name 'Fairytale' I knew it was the one.
  5. So yeah, the process in which my brain went through to come up with the name was quite a complicated one, but undoubtedly fun. Fairies are fantasy creatures. A tale is what I wanted this guild to represent. The game, Hytale, has the word tale in it, so the name fits perfectly.
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