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Machinery and other technologies

Apr 17, 2019
In Minecraft, some of the more popular mods involve the use of machines and other technologies, such as Tinkers Construct, Immersive Engineering, and Mekanism, among others. For Hytale, I’d like to see a robust yet simple machinery system that fits within the fantasy setting of the base game. For example, a set of basic parts that can be assembled in any way you see fit, much like a Lego Technic set of gears, cogs, axles, belts/chains, pulleys and other parts that interact in a realistic manner. Need a mill? Build a windmill or a watermill that can grind your flour, dyes, or other materials. You can arrange the gears to control the speed and thus the rate of durability loss versus production speed. Other machines like elevators, drawbridges, elaborate doors, traps and more would be possible. These principles could be applied to other crafting pursuits, like building a foundry or making a metal press.
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