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Hytale Website Template / Portal ★ Responsive ★ Easy

Hytale Website Template / Portal ★ Responsive ★ Easy 1.1


New Features:

- The playercount now comes after the images.
- The playercount has been redesigned to stand out and now has a more eye-catching design.
- The background dots have been fixed and the gradient adjusted.
- The icons have been updated.
- The text below the icons has become cleaner, and the font matches the rest of the website.
- Click to copy functionality has been added on the IP address.
- The logo movement animation and the icon hover animations have been tweaked.
- Particles can now easily be toggled in main.js.
- The site has been updated to look better on mobile devices.
- Several CSS bugs have been fixed.
- The font has been changed from "Helvetica" to "Open Sans".

As a lot has changed in this update, I would strongly recommend overwriting all of your old files if you are on version 1.0.

Please consider leaving a review if you like this update. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to start a conversation with me.

Enjoy ;)
~ Billy