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The Dark Side

Hey join us here, we have some cool give-aways a gaming news article every week and some people to talk to :3 Are bad guys really bad if their just hot? ;)
The Dark Side

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I'll be giving away a rank on Hypixel on the 22nd. It will be a upgrade from your current rank. ( So if you're MVP++ you will obviously not be able to receive a rank ) Only thing you need to do is DM me with why you should get a rank upgrade. You can DM it to me on the Hytale-Hub website or... Read more
Dark Side News your Gaming-News source of Hytale-Hub! Hello everyone from the Dark-Side group, this is our first Gaming-News article! In the past couple of days we have had a couple of members join so I welcome you all to our group. Here you can talk to people, and follow give-aways and see... Read more
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