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The Dark Side

Hey join us here, we have some cool give-aways a gaming news article every week and some people to talk to :3 Are bad guys really bad if their just hot? ;)
The Dark Side

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Gaming News Article #1 3/31/20


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Jan 8, 2019
Dark Side News your Gaming-News source of Hytale-Hub!

Hello everyone from the Dark-Side group, this is our first Gaming-News article!

In the past couple of days we have had a couple of members join so I welcome you all to our group.
Here you can talk to people, and follow give-aways and see more of these cool Gaming-News articles!

So this article I will be discussing:
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Overwatch eSports drama
  • What to do in quarantine
  • Hytale

Animal Crossing New Horizons

So I have seen a lot of people talk and play ACNH lately all over social media and Twitch Livestreams and ofcourse Youtube.
As someone who has never played a ACNH this actually wasn't a big suprise to me. I saw a lot of people were hyped about this game and it looked very solid.
But I never expected the release to be this BIG, I saw streamers play this game from people who I never would have thought they would play this game.

And everybody is creating these Animal Crossing fan accounts now. Which are these accounts where they ONLY retweet and post about Animal Crossing.
So everything you see will be Anima Crossing, and it's cool to see such a positive and big community. So I hope I will be able to pick up this game soon and see what it's all

Have you played Animal Crossing New Horizons, and if you have what is your favorite thing to do?

Overwatch eSports drama

( A more serious topic, if you wanna avoid this kinda stuff just skip to the next topic :3 )

18+ Topic

So a Overwatch eSports player that goes by the nickname 'Mouffin' has claimed to be having sexual talk towards under-aged girls.
They told their story in a Tweet on Twitter. They don't have any large proof, but Blizzard ( And maybe the police ) are investigating the situation.
But this was not just one claim, but several cases of girls who ARE or WERE underaged.

I of course hope these claims are just false, because this would be the SECOND time this happens in the Overwatch League!

What to do in quarantine

With COVID-19 there are a lot of people who are staying inside and don't have a lot to do. So what can you do in quarantine?
Well you can always of course play video-games. With quarantine now you have time to grind out your favorite games and maybe even become one of the best players!
But of course you can also just play normal games, like board games or card games with the people who you live with! Maybe this is just the best time to be there for each other and socialize.

You can also just draw some cool Hytale fan-art, watch some movies or read a book and comics!
Maybe you have a cool model ship you need to paint somewhere in the garage which you still need to finish!
And of course maybe make some school work, and if possible maybe even work ahead! If you work ahead you don't have to work as much when the schools open again ;)

Hopefully I gave you some great ideas, and we all have to stay strong and stay inside with this pandemic! #CureCOVID19


So in the 2 latest blog-posts which were released at the exact same time we got to see 2 super cool things!
1. Some cool AI showcase, of animal behaviours.
2. The Hytale staff are actually looking at our community and even showcasing it and crediting the creators!

So let's begin with numbero uno!
So in the 1st blog post with new information/updates you can see how the animals/creatures actually react to certain enviromental things.

Like throwing certain foods that they like on the ground, basically it being bait. And this will be very cool for other certain things like for scripting/modding!

And numbero dos!
So they actually showed off some community art work created by some talanted creators most of you all know!
This is super cool to see, and this shows that the Hytale staff is looking at our Hytale Fan Art/Models/Concepts!
Which is really nice to know they care and are involved within the small community!

This was it for today, sorry if it was short but next week we'll have a bigger article with more to cover!
Hope to see you next time and have a great day!

Let the dark-side rise!

- aMp (Jay)