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PixeLife is a new project that aims to be a very unique RPG, medieval, fantasy experience within the new Hytale game! The server will introduce many races like elves, dwarves, orcs... to the magical medieval land destroyed by war.

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Ciellix created new thread Hello
I just wanted to say Hello and how are you?
Congratulations at reaching 2.000 views! ;) (y)
ErathCz created new thread New logo!
We have a brand new logo from our artist Elii! I think she did a great job, what do you think?
As pixel life is now part of the Roman Empire, it would be best to get our bearings as a community: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18qkPrlJqXBboMv1ER0oo2WLd-6txHirHL9uZ23DNTWk
Thank you for your interest in our group! We greatly appreciate it!
The time has come, we must expand to the global gaming stage with a bang, I am issuing a grand edict of expansion and glory. We have allowed ourselves to become too comfortable with mediocrity, and we have forgotten what it means to be true heirs of Roma. Although the old overgrown path that lie... Read more
Hello everyone! Today, we're pleased to announce our first Art Contest. This contest will run from today until March 31st. START: March 4th, 2019 > 12:00 PM CET END: March 31st, 2019 > 12:00 PM CET Contest Details: The theme of this contest is: "Medieval fantasy RPG" To participate, create... Read more
Hello everyone! We are currently working hard on our brand new logo, lore/story and discord server. And we want to ask you... if you have any suggestion for us, just tell us about it. We love to hear your opinion, it matters to us! Just join to our discord and send your suggestion in... Read more
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Thank you all for your wonderful support! We greatly appreciate it! Also, everyone who invite 6 people to our discord, receives our best tier VIP (we are still thinking about a name for VIP) for 3 months! To participate, simply create your own non-expiring invite link to our Discord and begin... Read more
I'm looking forward to showing you a new PixeLife logo! Also, Is anyone interested, that we would make an art competition? Winner gets lifetime best tier premium on our server. Who was interested in participating in the competition react with "agree" button. :giggle:
Hello everyone, PixeLife is currently recruiting experienced or capable individuals to begin work on a Hytale fantasy, medieval, rpg oriented server. This project is founded by 2 students, so we can't offer you money, but we can offer you a comfortable place as well a team that is excited for... Read more
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Thank you everyone who joined our group! Our community slowly but certainly growing! Again, thank you all for your support! Not in our discord yet? Join now: https://discord.gg/gA8ABFt
VirtualGladiators was created with one main focus, to deliver unparalleled Minecraft, MCPE/Pocketmine and upcoming Hytale server hosting at an affordable price. We believe in impeccable standards, therefore our team never takes a moment's rest to ensure the services you receive are always... Read more
If you want to join our community here is our discord: https://discord.gg/gA8ABFt This project is still in early development due to few staff members. If you are interested in joining to the staff team, and you have something to offer, contact me! (𝙀𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙝𝘾𝙯#2827 )