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PixeLife is a new project that aims to be a very unique RPG, medieval, fantasy experience within the new Hytale game! The server will introduce many races like elves, dwarves, orcs... to the magical medieval land destroyed by war.

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Glorious conquest speech


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Mar 3, 2019
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The time has come, we must expand to the global gaming stage with a bang, I am issuing a grand edict of expansion and glory. We have allowed ourselves to become too comfortable with mediocrity, and we have forgotten what it means to be true heirs of Roma. Although the old overgrown path that lie abandoned since 1453 be difficult, the end reward and the glory will be well worth it....

Must we remain an ordinary clan, one that will be quickly forgotten when it is gone? A clan that lie identical in the sea of guilds on this forum that is sure to come when Hytale comes out? No, we must not. We must chase the stars, and walk the difficult but rewarding road of glory. Good clans are remembered for a few years, extraordinary clans are remembered for 100 years. Although you may think this feat to be impossible, remember this. Whoever thinks that achieving this glory is impossible has not innovated enough. Do the clans that have tried this and failed have civilistry, have they mastered the art of weaponized propaganda memes? No, no clan like us has existed in the past, so it is foolish to compare us to them in the argument that creating a legendary cyber Roman empire is impossible. The internet is changing, it is not the same internet that you knew when you were very young, this new internet is far more connected then it has been before. The conditions are ripe for a super guild that even outgrows the game it was born on. After all, if you told a Mesopotamian city-state that one grand roman empire would one day rule most of an entire continent they would think you were a madman. The world changed, and an empire bigger then anyone could possibly imagine came to be. If the Romans could do such a feat in real life, where wars take years and not months, and where disease and hunger make long expeditions difficult, and travel between great distances was not as simple as getting a server IP and port, then how much easier would it be in the information age? Suddenly this impossible feat seems much more plausible, but there is more. The empires we have to go up against are weak, their leaders have shunned military tactics and classical thought, their innovation is as shallow as a small mountain creek. The new roman empire is different, we have a working military academy on discord that teaches the greatest known military tactics of the past and the new innovations of the great thinkers of our guild, we have learned to conquer entire discord servers legally within the TOS using diplomacy and politics, we have learned how to exploit the rapid spread of memes to send our propaganda to the ends of reddit where millions of eyes will see them, and this is just the low-classified stuff in our guild. The internet is changing, and the conditions are right for a new roman empire, one that lies not in the physical world, but the world of semiconductors and circuits (and lack of a UN that will go after us if we conquer guilds :p).

How must this conquest be done you may ask? It is somewhat simple, there are different ways to conquer different things. To conquer guilds on pvp servers we must unsheathe our gladius and conquer them in a grand war, but this will be a new kind of war, one where army officers and generals trained in tactics in our previously mentioned discord military academy, one with widespread milsim throughout the ranks of our trained legions, one with support civilistry fighting the second front of the war (the front of reputation, influence, and politics), one with the carpet bombing of propaganda memes, and one with many colonies in several games all providing an endless sea of manpower. To conquer forums and discords we must become the most influential institution on the entire forum (and maybe even be elected to some sort of unofficial leadership position by the people of the forum), to do this we must treat this like politics and diplomacy, we must go throughout the forum gaining great influence and prestige, and we must throw our rivals into the sea of forgetfulness and mediocrity where they are no threat. To do this we must be even more closely united as one great empire! I am putting out an offer to all allies of Roma, to be a part of history, and to have their guilds become part of the Roman Empire, though worry not, as your guilds will still exist as providences and still keep their discord/guild on the forums. Through our unity we will be a wall of iron bricks, a great phalanx marching forth, an unbreakable bundle of sticks...

We have the potential to be not just a good guild, but a great guild that makes history! After all, in 100 years from now we would have lived in the very dawn of modern cyberspace, and people will look back in awe at the first of many super-guilds.