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Hytale Hub: Updates

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  • HytaleHub: Updates

    This page contains a complete archived list of past as well as future planned updates for HytaleHub.com. To make a suggestion for a desired update, please create a new thread here.

    Planned Updates
    • Dynamic Orbis Globe header at the top of HytaleHub.com
    • Encryption for all mod/plugin based resources uploaded to HytaleHub.com as well as an automated code reviewer which verifies the integrity and authenticity of files uploaded to HytaleHub.com, as well as their relevancy to either Hytale or Minecraft (since we will offer sections for both games).
    • Landing page for HytaleHub.com containing an overview of features which is displayed to all users visiting at Hytale Hub for the first time, and is then again also displayed again after 30 days.
    • Automated system which reposts blogs posted at hytale.com in the "Game News" forum at HytaleHub.com. These same posts (reposted to HytaleHub.com) should then be automatically posted in the Hytale Hub Discord.
    • Automated system which rewards Diamond, Platinum, and Master roles based upon Discord invites and/or Referrals acquired but also verifies the uniqueness of IPs in the case of referrals in order to combat cheating.
    • Custom artwork/icons for Premium Upgrades on the Account Upgrades page.
    • Repositories for builds, models, and movies created in Hytale as well as map and skin areas for Minecraft.
    • Integrated Server listing feature which allows users to list servers as well as vote for, and bump servers.
    • Revised Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates.
    • Custom Leveling/XP System for users based upon thread count, comments, number of likes, resource uploads and downloads by other users, media uploads and views by other users, medals and trophy points, etc.
    • Implement "Sign up with Hytale Hub" integration on all subsidiary websites.
    Hytale Bot | Planned Updates
    • Add Wikia Integration (to the HytaleHub.com Wiki).
    Update Log

    Coming Soon
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