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Hytale Hub: Hytale Tracker

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  • HytaleHub: Hytale Tracker

    HytaleTracker.com is an upcoming site which will provide leader board statistics for Hytale players across various servers. Server owners must install the Hytale Tracker plugin in order for the HytaleTracker.com site to be able to pull Player data from their server. When searching for a player at HytaleTracker.com, his or her name will be displayed along with the statistics associated with each server he/she is apart of that has been connected to HytaleTracker.com via the Hytale Tracker plugin.

    Leaderboard Variables:

    Server owners will have the ability to determine what information from their server is made publicly available at HytaleTracker.com.

    Gamemode Variables:

    Server owners will have the ability to interlink the Hytale Tracker plugin with certain gamemodes. By default, HytaleTracker.com will provide a list of popular gamemodes to make the transmission of leader board statistical data as smooth as possible.

    Configurable Options:

    The following configurable options are editable within the config.yml file of the Hytale Tracker plugin.
    • HytaleTracker Status: Enabled/Disabled (Enabled by default once installed)
    • Gamemode (Name) : On/Off
    • Display Player Kills : On/Off
    • Display Enemy AI Kills: On/Off
    • Display Friendly AI Kills: On/Off
    • Display Blocks broken: On/Off
    • Display Blocks placed: On/Off
    • Displayed Hours played: On/Off
    • Display Player Skins: On/Off
    • Display Total Donation Amount (Buytale Compatible): On/Off
    Once we have more information regarding Hytale, and various other upcoming mods/plugins for the game, we will begin making the Hytale Tracker plugin compatible with as many other plugins as possible.
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