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Hytale Hub: Official Server

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  • Hytale Hub: Official Server

    The Hytale Hub Gameserver (connectable through play.hytalehub.com) will serve as a hub for dozens of unique gamemodes, but also a center for Hytale server owners to promote their own servers, and to connect players directly from the Hytale Hub server to thousands of other Hytale servers that have been approved/considered safe by our moderation team. This will be achieved through the usage of our own unique server connecting plugin (similar to MC's bungeecord).

    Play.HytaleHub.com | The Server Network

    As a part of our effort to interlink and connect the greater Hytale community through the usage of various sign up APIs on Hytale related sites, and various social media bridges and widgets, Hytale Hub will also be offering a way for Hytale Server owners to market their own Hytale servers on the official Hytale Hub game server.
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