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Hytale Hub: Rules

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  • HytaleHub: Site Rules
    This is the official set of rules required to be adhered to by all users at HytaleHub.com. These rules are designed to encourage a safe and friendly environment and must always be followed by all members of the Hytale Hub community.

    Global Site-wide Rules:
    (These rules apply universally across the entire website.)
    • 1.) Do not use excessive profanity or profanity used in order to insult or belittle someone
    • 2.) Do not argue with moderators or other Staff members. If a Staff member asks you to stop, then chill. Don't be a nuisance. Nobody likes that.
    • 3.) Do not post links to explicit content such as malware, pornography, gore, or anything else that is malicious or NSFW.
    • 4.) Don't post misinformation or mass advertise.
    • 5.) Do not spam. (Spamming is the act of repetitively performing an action for the sake of increased/non-organic visibility/acknowledgement. This is extremely obnoxious, and we will ban you for it.
    • 6.) Do not harass or repeatedly insult other users. Nobody likes a bully. Be cool.
    • 7.) Do not use the Private Conversation or Private Messaging feature in order to advertise something. This will result in a ban.

    Group Rules:
    (All rules mentioned in "Global Rules" apply here as well. These are more specific rules which apply to our Groups Feature!)
    • 1.) Ensure that your group is listed in the appropriate category.
    • 2.) Do not vandalize threads within a group. Vandalizing is the act of mass-deleting/mass-editing threads of a group that you do not have sole ownership of, against the consent of other Group staff members.

    Chat Rules:
    (All rules mentioned in "Global Rules" apply here as well. These are more specific rules which apply to our Chat Feature!)
    • 1.) Do not advertise your community or brand within any of the Hytale Hub chat rooms. (This includes private chat conversations with other users)
    • 2.) Do not excessively edit characters with huge letters or epilepsy-inducing color schemes. This is extremely annoying, and will result in your chatting privileges being revoked.
    • 3.) Do not post links to any sites other than HytaleHub.com in the "General" chat room.
    • 4.) Do not use any variation of spam, including an overuse of Caps (Caps-lock) in any chat room.

    Forum Rules:
    • 1.) Post threads only in the appropriate categories. For instance, a thread about your Hytale Server would go in the Servers category, not the Introductions category.
    • 2.) Do not abuse the comment section on threads to spam, advertise, troll, or argue. Any of these actions may result in a ban.

    Competition Rules:
    • 1.) When referring users to hytalehub.com, you must actually refer real people - not create alt accounts. All referrals are cross-examined and IP checked. Attempting to cheat in order to win will result in penalization or complete disqualification from the current competition, and possibly all future competitions.
    • 2.) When inviting users to the Hytale Hub Discord, we do not condone DM advertising as this violates the Discord TOS.

    Resource Rules:

    Advertising Rules:

    Discord Rules:

    Wiki Rules:
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