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How do I Reserve a Hytale Username

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  • Hytale Name Reservation

    Usernames are a very significant aspect of any multiplayer game, as we all know. Hytale will be unique in the sense that once a username is reserved by a player, it cannot be duplicated by anyone else. It is specific solely to that player's account. Hypixel Studios has stated repeatedly that Username reservation in Hytale will begin prior to the onset of Hytale Beta. With the game releasing in just a few months from now, we can therefore assume that Name Reservation is coming up fast! HytaleNames.org will provide Hytale users with the ability to check and see which names are available, and which are taken, as well as which are the most popular within the community.

    Click the Image Below to check the status of any Hytale Name!

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    In the latest Hytale Blog Post pertaining to name reservation, the Hypixel Studios team stated:

    "Hytale usernames will be unique. This means that there can only be one 'Bob' or one 'Sally'. We understand how important names are to players, so we're excited to let you know that we've developed a name reservation system that will become available at some point within the next few months. More details to come."
    Seeing as this was announced all the way back in December of 2018, and with the promised release timeframe of 2021 right around the corner, as well as the game's announcement anniversary just a few weeks away, it's safe to assume that Name reservation in Hytale could potentially become available at any moment now!

    When reserving your Hytale username, we recommended that you do not attempt to reserve one which entails any sort of profanity, inappropriate terms, or unrecognizable characters, as this could result in your username request being rejected, or you being ineligible as a player to access certain servers within the game. Remember, to check the status of whether or not your desired Hytale username has already been registered, be sure to head on over to HytaleNames.org

    You can find additional information regarding Hytale Name Reservation over at the Hytale Wiki!
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