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Hytale Converter: Convert MC Worlds to Hytale

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    Hytale Converter

    HytaleConverter.com is a revolutionary tool that allows Hytale players to convert their favorite Minecraft Worlds and Schematics into Hytale. This is done by comparing block ID data values and converting them accordingly based upon how similar one ID is to another. For instance, a sand block in Minecraft converts to a sand block in Hytale, etc.

    Users will have the ability to review each specific data ID conversion preset prior to converting a build, and may make custom changes should they choose.

    Hytale Converter is an incorporated entity of Hytale Hub LLC.

    How it works

    Users will start by uploading their Minecraft World or Schematic file to hytaleconverter.com. Once this is done, they will then be given the option to configure certain conversion options. For instance, if a user would rather have a sand block in Minecraft convert to a grass block in Hytale instead of a sand block in Hytale, this is 100% possible. Users will also have the option to configure biome conversion presets.

    Once a user has selected all of his/her preferred conversion configurations, he can then officially begin the conversion process by clicking the "Convert into Hytale!" button. This process will take anywhere from 5 seconds to an entire minute depending upon the size of the build. Once the conversion is complete, the user will be provided with a free DDL (direct download link) for his/her build which can now be directly uploaded to his/her Hytale server directory.

    If a file is larger than 150MB, users will then be prompted to use the downloadable software version of the converter.

    Default Conversion Tables

    Coming Soon
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