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Hytale Servers: Growing a Hytale Server

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  • HytaleHub: Growing a Hytale Server

    Below is an extensive tutorial put together by the owners of several popular Minecraft and Hytale Servers, Websites, Discords, and Youtube Channels on how best to get your Hytale Server extremely popular, quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.

    Utilizing Server Listing Websites

    Perhaps one of the easiest, and cheapest ways of advertising your Hytale server is listing it on all of the top trending Hytale server listing websites. The most popular of these sites include:
    It is 100% free to list your server on these sites. For increased visibility, be sure to encourage your players to "vote" for your server as often as possible, and also be sure to "bump" your server as frequently as you can as well.

    Installing the "Hytale Servers" Discord Bot

    The Hytale Servers Discord Bot is 100% free, and easy to install. It allows you to do the following:
    • View a full list of servers listed collectively through hytale-servers.org, hytale-servers.com, and hytale-server.com
    • View the banner, online status, online player count, server website, server IP, and server description of any individual server
    • Vote for a Hytale server on each individual site, once every 4 hours. (3 votes in total, per user, per 4 hours).
    • !hs help - Displays a full list of available commands
    • !hs list - Displays a list of all servers listed on all three server listing sites in order from most to least popular (by total vote count) 10 servers display per page. To move forward or backwards to another page, use ◀️ and ▶️
    • !hs status (server) - Displays information about a specific server
    • !hs vote (server) - Casts a vote for a specific server on all three server listing sites

    Getting Hytale Youtubers to record/stream on your server

    This is another easy way to help spread the word about your brand new Hytale server. When fans see their favorite content creators playing on your server, they'll want to get in on the action as well!

    Try to get as many Youtubers to promote your server as possible. You can incentivize this promotion by offering Youtuber ranks in-game, in your Discord, or on your server's forums (if you have one). You could also host giveaways and get said Youtubers to promote them to encourage people even more to want to play on your server!

    Establish a Social presence

    Take advantage of as many free advertisement opportunities as possible. Although sites like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram are very over-saturated, it's still good to have some form of a presence there for your brand. Be sure to create accounts for your server on all of these websites, and try to keep them updated as frequently as possible.

    Advertising on Hytale Niche Websites

    This aspect of server advertisement is often extremely overlooked. Server owners generally go for the most obvious forms of advertisement, such as promotion in Youtube videos or Discord servers. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of over-saturation of these two social platforms, they rarely get enough exposure to get the results they're looking for. This is where smaller niche websites can really come in handy.

    While not all Hytale niche websites offer users the ability to advertise their servers, there are some that do. The most common of these monetizable niche sites include:
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