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Hytale Hub: FAQ

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  • HytaleHub: Frequently Asked Questions

    Below is a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here at Hytale Hub. If you have a question related to our website that does not appear on this list, feel free to start a conversation with @Pearson Wright and we'll consider adding it to the list.

    Q1: What is Hytale Hub?

    A1: Hytale Hub is a Community owned Fan Forums for Hypixel Studio's brand new upcoming game, Hytale. We launched Hytale Hub on January 6th, 2019. At Hytale Hub, you can start discussions, have conversations, download and share media, create groups, purchase and sell resources, and participate in contests.

    Q2: Is Hytale Hub Free?

    A2: Hytale Hub is 100% free to use, and always will be. We consider ourselves to be a nonprofit community forums dedicated to the game Hytale and its fans, and nothing more. We do offer a handful of cosmetic-based perks which can be purchased. We also offer the ability for users to pay to advertise their services as long as we deem their content to be both relevant and appropriate. However, all proceeds from these purchases are funneled directly back into covering Hytale Hub's operational expenses.

    Q3: Will Hytale Hub have its own Hytale server?

    A3: Yes! We intend to release a fully custom, all-inclusive public gameserver for Hytale as soon as Beta releases. We will release more details on this as Hytale gets closer to releasing.

    Q4: Does Hytale Hub operate any other Hytale oriented websites?

    A4: Yes! We have big plans to help build up the foundational infrastructure of the Hytale Community. We are directly affiliated with the following other Hytale websites:
    • hytale-servers.org
    • hytale-servers.com
    • hytalebot.net
    • hytalenames.org
    • hytalehosting.org
    • hytalestatus.com
    • hytaletext.com
    • hytalemovies.com
    You can find more information on our affiliated websites here

    Q5: How do I apply for a Staff position at Hytale Hub?

    A5: To apply for a Staff position at Hytale Hub, or any of our other affiliated projects, please visit the Staff Applications forum here. Please also be sure to use the following Application Formatting guidelines entailed here.

    Q6: Is my account information safe at Hytale Hub?

    A6: Safe would be an understatement. We encrypt every user's IP and password with 128 bit AES encryption. All IPs are also displayed only in IPv6 form. So while all IPs are logged, this means that they are encrypted to such a degree that even in the event of a breach, they would yield no results. Per our terms of service, we've also opted out from selling user data to any advertisement companies like websites such as Discord and Facebook do. Hytale Hub is uniquely special in this way as we go to great lengths to prioritize the integrity of our website and the safety of our community above everything else.

    Q7: Is Hytale Hub active on any Social platforms?

    A7: As a matter of fact, yes we are! Please use the links below to follow us accordingly.
    Q8: Is it possible to delete my Hytale Hub account?

    A8: For archival purposes, we do not permanently delete accounts. This is done in order to prevent sockpuppet accounts, ban dodging, etc. It's also often the case that a user who wants his or her account deleted one day, wants to use it again another day. With that said, we can disable your account which will effectively remove it from public view. You can request to have your account re-enabled at any point in time by contacting a Staff member directly on our Discord server.
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