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Yelvaria - Coming to Hytale soon

XLNC Jake Kelton

Well-known member
Apr 1, 2019
There is a world of wonder and magic, of creatures no eyes have seen and lands untred. Ancient ruins, soaring castles, and kingdoms of legend. Some may scoff and say this tale is as old as time itself, what freshness can come to the dried up well of Fantasy? You look to close child. Look up, across the rocks, down the village path, and beyond the trees is an crystalline lake that awaits. Forget buckets, child. We're going for a swim!

Hey everyone, Jake Kelton here. Long time Minecraft player who could never stick to one world as I kept getting inspired to try something else. Well, I have a different mindset with Hytale. I have been world building for months now the world of Yelvaria, an earth sized medieval fantasy world I am pouring every creative ounce I have into. My goal is to one day have it so fleshed out I can create artwork, books, games, or anything else I want. My hope is to use Hytale to bring the world of Yelvaria to life in a way no other medium can and allow other people to explore in depth the world. My plan is to have a running YouTube series as I build it piece by piece. Since the world is quite literally being built from scratch I will likely be using whatever in game creative mode Hytale has to build it. But I also plan on having fun in other servers, adventure modes, Let's Play series', and more.

If this interests people, I'll happy share more about my world. Otherwise, I look forward to getting to meet you all and Happy Adventuring!
Apr 15, 2019
If you are anything like me, you will work on this idea for a week and then scramble on to another soft-boiled idea.
Unless you have other people creating with you, it is impossible to stick to one idea.
Edit: Sorry if this came off as rude. It was a little over-easy
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