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WoW TBC Classic or Amazon’s New World


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Dec 12, 2020
It's been a great year for all MMORPG fantasy fans. Just as the World of Warcraft nostalgia service continued to decline, Blizzard announced the "opening of the dark gates" on June 3rd during the Blizzcon (also known as the Blizzconline because of the Covid fashion) on February 20th of this year. For many, it was a rash decision, but 2 months later it seems to be spot on. Millions of players came back and transferred their characters to the era of the Burning Expedition. Just two weeks before the Dark Gates opened, a pre-patch went into effect that gave players the option of moving their existing characters to the "BC Era" or staying in the Classic Era, with the option of Tier Pay 58 to get character boosts for those looking to start over in Outland.

On the other hand, Amazon Games will finally release its first MMOPRG called "New World" which, like many other games that were postponed in 2020, has been postponed to August 31, 2021. It comes at just the right time as it allows players to take time out and immerse themselves in the new world through the first phase of TBC.

Features of WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade
WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade, known as WoW TBC Classic, is the first expansion pack for Blizzard's popular MMORPG World of Warcraft: The Classic. It mimics the original World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade expansion pack that was released in 2007. The expansion extends the character level cap of the game from 60 to 70 and shifts the "hot scenario" from Azeroth to Outland, the portal to the Broken World beyond Darkness, home of the orcs and the fleeting Draenei. Players can now use flying mounts and take part in arena PvP battles, as well as take on the role of a Draenei (Alliance faction) or blood elf (Horde faction) - features that were previously not available in the classic vanilla game. TBC remains one of the most popular expansion packs for World of Warcraft alongside Wrath of the Lich King. Burning Expedition allows players to plunder the Dark Temple, which has been the home of the popular lore unit Illidan Raging Wind since Warcraft 3. In addition, dungeon raids are available for the former Prophet Madivine's Tower Karazhan, which will defuse the Battle of Mount Hyjal and other dungeon and heroic raids that will become available during the ongoing TBC patch release. The final 15 skill points for all of the crafting skills and the fast (360%) flying mounts require a lot of gold and we can see that many players are trying to buy wow TBC gold to cut down on the grueling gold farming process that is unchanged remains.

New world features
After all, New Worlds means something new, exciting, and fresh in the MMORPG scene. The game was announced by Amazon Games (then Amazon Game Studios) in September 2016. It took almost five years to finish. The game uses the island of Aeternum as the main location, which may represent Atlantis in the 16th century. Just like in WoW Classic, players can level up to level 60, but the difference is that there is only one human race and three different factions to join, which is a pure player choice. These factions are known as the Marauders, Syndicates, and the Covenant. There are no classes, which leaves a lot of room for individual character development, something that players really crave. Many other features that are common in other MMO games are also retained in Amazon's New World, such as specializations that range from general weapon-making, armaments, engineering, jewelry making, treasure hunting, cooking and furniture, refining, smelting, woodworking, leatherworking, Weaving, quarrying, collecting wood, mining, harvesting, tracking and skinning. As with all other games, there will be a currency in the New World that will be the cornerstone of the game's economy. This currency is called "coins". Once again, just like with World of Warcraft and similar games, players will be able to purchase New World coins from popular sites like SSEGold.

Of course, the Burning Crusade footage has brought back millions of players who were misled by Classic's demise, but it seems uncertain how long this will last. The New World looks pretty promising, largely because it is being developed by Amazon Games. There is no doubt that it is heavily promoted on Amazon and its network, despite the fact that the beta test Youtube video has millions of views.