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Network News Why the Reddit Expansion?

Pearson Wright

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Dec 30, 2018

Good morning,

Hytale Community.

Today, I thought I'd make a pretty down-to-earth and transparent little post regarding Reddit.

Lately, you've probably noticed a major push to drive traffic towards our newly revamped subreddit - r/hytaleforum. You may or may not have also noticed that both r/hypixeltale and r/hytalecom (the 2nd and 3rd largest Hytale subreddits - respectively) were both redirected towards r/hytaleforum. Many of you are probably curious as to why all of a sudden we're making such a big effort to finally grow our subreddit. Truthfully, this has always been a goal of ours, but due to the overwhelming collection of tasks associated with all of our subsidiary sites that we've had to tend to over the past year, we simply haven't had the time.

A number of you are probably also wondering why we feel the need to heavily market a subreddit when there's already a largely populated one. The truth is, we do not feel that that subreddit's overall structure and intention adequately services the needs of content creators and fan sites. There is a long and colorful history of Youtubers, fan sites, gameservers, etc. being ridiculed and outcast for really no justifiable reason. r/hytaleforum is intended to be a subreddit which caters specifically to content creators, and people looking to grow their Hytale communities. Of course, official hytale content, speculation and the like will certainly make up a big chunk of the content posted on our subreddit, but the primary difference between us and the other main subreddit is that we want to really encourage entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation, as this is what will ultimately lead to Hytale becoming a great & lasting game. A sandbox genre (just like Minecraft) requires constant innovative creativity from the fans. To discourage that, and ridicule it is a colossal error.

Anyways, that's pretty much it! Remember that we will be running a special giveaway between now and January 1st, 2020. Anyone who joins our subreddit - r/hytaleforum prior to January 1st will receive a limited edition Founder user flare!

Slightly Off Topic Note: A few of you have had complaints in regards to the "snow" on HytaleHub.com causing your PCs to lag. There's now a solution. In the top right corner you'll see a little snowflake icon. You can click it to toggle on/off the falling snow.
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Dreamleaf | CEO
Nov 7, 2019
Love to see it, go HytaleHub!