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Why Hytale should cost Money


Safe and Sound
Jan 5, 2019
- If the game was free, not only would they not make as much money as if it was priced, it would be littered by 9-year-olds who don't wanna use their mommy's credit card and the game would get cringy quick and would die quicker as if it was priced. Remember: Popularity ruins a game... *ahem* Fortnite.

- Again, it looks like a lot of time was poured out onto Hytale if the game wasn't priced it could be seen as an insult for people who love Hypixel/Hytale alike and want to support the development team. Besides, Minecraft costs $26.99 and people of all ages still get it and love it.

- If it was free there would be a high chance they'd also make a store where you have to pay to be cooler, like they did with Hypixel. But the reason why that worked was that Minecraft already costed money and making Hypixel cost money too would be too much. We don't want Hytale to become EA.

- Seeing that there's more stuff in Hytale then Minecraft, it should be priced higher. Something like $34.99 or $49.99. I understand that some people don't want to pay to play but if the game is very good quality I wouldn't mind shitting my money for them. I'd pay thousands to play a game that's filled with quality content, like
Red Dead Redemption 2/Smash Ultimate/God of War

So what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Think that the game should be free? Tell me in the comments, I check every day

Hytale, the game that we didn't deserve

- Opinion of OddIsHe on why Hytale should cost money


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Jan 6, 2019
I respect your opinion but I disagree.

If the game was free it would be unknown if they would make less money. Cosmetics are such a huge part of gaming in the past couple of years. Hytale could make profit through cosmetics just like Fortnite.

Making the statement that "popularity ruins a game" doesn't make sense. If the game was ruined then no one would play, rendering it unpopular. The reason Fortnite is popular is because it's a good game, its fun and a new experience. Yet again that is your opinion and this is mine.

I don't get why people would be insulted if the game didn't cost money. Minecraft may cost $26.99 and all ages play the game but you have to think about how long it may of taken them to get the game. Kids probably wait for Christmas or Birthdays before being able to play the game. I would be really upset if I was a kid with no income and didn't have enough money for a new cool looking game that is coming out next month and my birthday isn't coming for ages. Waiting for christmas or a birthday can take a long time.

I don't mind paying for cosmetics. If thats a sacrifice that I have to take for the game to go F2P then so be it. Cosmetics aren't needed, it's optional!

$34.99/$49.99 is way too much for this game. It's not even a triple A title. Again, you have to think about all audiences who are going to want to buy the game if it's at that price. I'm sure it's going to be hard for a child to find that amount of money unless they have a money tree planted outside.

Thanks for your opinion on Hytale's price.
I hope my opinion didn't offend you! (y)