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What will be added to BannerFall?

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Jan 4, 2019
BannerFall is my guild that you can check out here: http://hytale-hub.org/groups/bannerfall.14

I will be doing these every day, basically a mini-series. I will be covering what's new that will be coming to the BannerFall guild/group.
1) Ranks
There will be many ranks coming to the BannerFall guild/group. One rank that will be coming soon is called 'Recruiter'. When you have this rank, people will know that you're a person whose purpose is to get new members to our group. Another rank is called 'Mod' which is where you moderate the community to make sure that no problems happen on the discord.
2) Website
Yes, there will be a website coming very soon. Make sure to join our discord if you haven't already as I will be posting news about the website very soon.

Thank you for listening and I do hope you enjoy it here at BannerFall.
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