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Question What is... "A bit more open"?


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Why Hey-low there, my follow Hytale enthusiasts!
Let's cut to the chase.

We've all heard it. Straight from their digital mouths:
A little bit more open.JPG
What on Orbis does "A bit more open" even mean?
Obviously, as they said, it means they'll be showing more unfinished and unpolished content. But what does that mean for the rate and quantity of that information? Does it mean they're going back to weekly blog posts? Maybe not, since it's been a week already. I'm not trying to be pessimistic or attack them, but I am concerned. I don't want this to mean that we'll just now have one blog post every few weeks or so, as they had proposed a while back, but with unpolished content. I'm also afraid that what will happen is more monthly periods of silence with a ton of posts at the end. While neither of those is likely, at least considering what the team has said, I just wanted to voice my concern. They still seem reluctant, even in this post, when talking about releasing unfinished content, or "promises they can't keep". When they say they'll be looking for feedback, does that mean that they will only be looking at twitter replies? I don't really know how else, unless they mean that they will be looking at YouTube or elsewhere specifically for that. Even then, it seems more selective to some people over others. What do you think? Will they make their own request page or something? Do you think they look on this website? Do you think someone from the team is reading these words right now? Um... if so... Hi there!

In any case, I just wanted to put it out there. I feel like I'm playing the villain here, but I just don't want to jump to false conclusions that will raise my hopes. That's all.
Anyways, have a spectacular day, whoever you are!