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What could be a very important difference


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Community Manager
Feb 12, 2020
In the Official Hytale World Generation blog post when describing the first 4 zones they use this sentence: "This piece of concept art is one of the first we produced when development of Hytale began. It depicts four of the zones that make up the planet of Orbis, which is where the bulk of Hytale's storyline takes place."

This sentence has been seen and recognized before, but usually in a different way. Most people believe that the "Main Storyline" will take place in the zones and that there will be no story in the Infinite Lands. However, I this might mean something different!

What if, they mean that that the Story will take place in the first 4 zones and the 2 unannounced zones won't be the "Void Element" or super story place, but rather less important zones, mostly for people who want to do whatever!