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W1z (Will) - Forum Leadership Application ("Helper" APP)


Jun 19, 2019
Greetings All!

My name is W1z - Pronounced {"WIZ"}; but most people just call "Will" :) .
I live in New York, NY; and currently work in an interim position @ microsoft's PHG team on 5th avenue!​

  • Which Site or Discord server are you applying to? (Please specify all that may apply!)

  • What is your forum username?
    • W1z

  • What is your discord username?
    • W1z#8893

  • How old are you?
    • 17

  • What timezone are you in?
    • EST (GMT-4)

  • How many hours per day would you be available to devote towards Hytale Hub?
    • 10-12+

  • Do you have any previous experience working as a helper on similar websites, gameservers, or Discord servers? (Please include as much detail as possible)\

  • Moderator: MinecraftModifications.com ('12-'16)​
  • Moderator: TheDenMC.net forums ('13-'15)​
  • Administrator: Minetime.com forums ('13-16')​
  • Administrator: minecloud.co forums ('15-17')​
  • Developer and Interim Moderator: Emenbee.net ('16-17')​
  • Administrator: HydrexPVP.net ('16-'18)​
  • Moderator: VortexPVP.net ('15-'17)​
  • Administrator: Craftico.net ('17-'19)​

  • Moderator: TheDenMC discord (850 members)​
  • Moderator: Rainbow Six Siege Official discord (70596+)​
  • Moderator: HydrexPVP discord (250+)​
  • Moderator: VortexPVP discord (300 +)​
  • Administrator: Craftico Project discord (400+)​
  • Moderator: Minecraft Marketplace discord (1250+)​

  • What are your real life hobbies?
    • I enjoy a plethora of activities aside from gaming. Some of these range from things as naive as PC building, and as interesting as mountain climbing. In fact, this summer (July 12); I'll be embarking on a 3-week excursion to East Africa to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341′), alongside other communal volunteering activities. Another hobby of mine is public speaking. I'm currently the captain of my high school's varsity debate team, and wish to continue pursuing debate throughout my higher education and adult life.
    • FUN FACT:
    • I skipped Kindergarten-I should be a junior right now, but in fact; I'm a senior!

  • Are you currently employed? If so, where?
    • Yes, I am currently employed, and am binded in a YHS and DDG work agreement (non-contracted). I currently work at a Microsoft PHG (experimental leadership team), on 5th avenue in New York.

  • Do you currently work for any other Hytale or Minecraft related projects? (Please specify any and all affiliations in your answer)
    • I'm currently binded in an NDA at the moment, but I am involved in an upcoming Hytale project. I can not, and will not disclose more about this project, until it goes public.

  • Tell us about one of your greatest achievements in life, as well as one of your greatest failures.
    • One of my greatest achievements (so far :) ); is gaining my role at Microsoft; especially at such a young age. Ever since I was a kid, I had always dreamt of being a part of a future-forward business such as Microsoft. Microsoft has done a plethora of things to imagine the future, and is the largest contributor to the development of the PC, and accompanying technology, to date. So joining a business of this caliber, especially at this relatively young age, is something I took, and continue to take, pride in.

    • One of my greatest failures in life; is that I've never been too athletic. I was raised in a household filled with basketball fanatics, and ever since a young age, I never really "fit" into the image that my sport-obsessed parents wanted me to be. Whether I look at this as a failure, or something that helped me become the curious, unique, and motivated person I am today, is something that I ponder almost everyday. I remember from such a young age, being quite distraught, albeit, crying, when my 2 siblings would show me up in a plethora of athletic competition, to the enjoyment of my parents. I wouldn't call this a failure in the sense that "I FAILED", but in the sense that I failed my parents, in a subtle, yet impact way. There's nothing a child wants more than to be the golden star in their parent's eyes; whether they realize or not. Some kid's express this need differently- whether it's getting into trouble and acting out, or playing a bunch of sports, kids want- NEED, their parents attention. Anyway, I've grown passed it, and have found other ways to bond with my family, siblings, and friends. This hurdle in my early childhood is why I'm the outgoing, curious, and persistent person I've grown to be today ; and definitely has aided to helping me reach my dreams.

    Thank you to the staff, and players alike; for reading this "shpeel" of an application ;)
  • As always; feel free to reply and AMA; that's what I'm here for :p
  • Best,
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Jun 19, 2019
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