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Unedited Artist Interview's


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Feb 12, 2020
These are the fully Unedited, Raw responses to the interviews I sent to Aloan, Slagle and PinguinAnimations. These are featured in my Blogpst Hytale's Future: Moddeling/Animating so please check that out!
The reason I post this is because a good deal of editing on my part goes on behind the scenes to the interviews and just in case I made a mistake and changed the meaning of their words, I like to allow everyone to see what they sent to me, Spelling errors included!

I will also mention that some of the people I interview don't use English as their first language which can cause some mix-ups

General Hytale
  • What keeps you interested in Hytale, even after 2 years?
  • Is there anything that inspired you to start making Hytale Models?
  • What are you most excited about doing/making in Hytale?
About Modeling
  • How did you learn how to Model/Animate?
  • Do you have any prior experience doing this?
  • What programs do you use to make your models and animations? Why?
About you
  • What is your favorite genre of content to make?
  • Do you have plans to make mods, skins or texture packs in Hytale?
  • If you could give one piece of advice to beginning modelers, what would it be?

Aloan's response:

1. What keeps you interested in Hytale, even after 2 years?

The exciting extensive modding possibilities and freedom it will be bringing to the table!

2. Is there anything that inspired you to start making models for Hytale?
The revolutionary ease of 3D modeling and animation made possible by Elisée´s CraftStudio program.
The same program that got picked up to become Hytale´s Model Maker

3. What are you most excited about doing/making in Hytale
A modern town simulation mixing what I like from both GTA and TheSims which are two huge games with a huge following
and lots to do and have fun with :D


4. How did you learn to Model/Animate
My first true 3D mdoeling experience was with CraftStudio, because other modelers were just too complex and difficult for me to grasp.
And so I went on discovering alone how to move the model in the 3D editor space, how to set its size, all very simple really inside Craft)

5. Do you have any Prior Experience doing this?
Not when it comes to 3D modeling and animation. The only thing I did before relating to blocky game experience was making a specific
Minecraft Texture and world which was my own birth town/neighborhood with help from Google Earth and Google Maps
both which can be found here on my website: https://aloan.neocities.org/minecraft.html
I´ve also made a world and models for Lego Worlds which can be found here on my website: https://aloan.neocities.org/legoworlds_models.html

6.What programs do you use to make your models and animations? Why?
Only 2 programs really... 1- CraftStudio (for modeling, animation and even game making using lua) and
2- Pain.net (for 2D templating/checking model size in respect to other models for size unison and simple texturing)


7. What is your favorite genre of content to make?
in regards to game making
In 2D: it is Super Mario Bros like platformers/Metroidvania side scrollers in 3D - you can check my only commercial 2D video game
made in about 3 years of development here on my website: https://aloan.neocities.org/akeni.html
In 3D: block and cubes world and scenery (yet to be release Hytale) I never was too fond of Minecraft (because it lacked life imo).

8. Do you have any plans to make mods, skins or texture packs in Hytale?
I have an ambitious project relating to modifying even Hytale´s era, which is a modern era (50s to present) South East Brazilian tropical Village
complete with businesses, transportation and living simulation. I may be the world´s only guy to hold a record of over 300 models that
comprises a whole village and which Project blog can be found here: https://hytale-br.blogspot.com/

9. If you could give one piece of advice to beginning modelers, what would it be?
Get your hands on the same software that Hypixel got its hands to create its Hytale game: and that program is: CraftStudio.
(That is until Hytale Model Maker is released).
You can´t go wrong with it as it has imo the simplest world´s revolutionary Modeling + animation + game engine (Yes, 3 in one solution).
I look for ease of learning, practicalness and speed... and that I found in CraftStudio.
Plus, the same I found in Paint.net (a 2D painting program).
I´ve downloaded, tryed and tested Many 3D renowed programs, and 2D art programs, but none met my expectations other than these 2.
They´d be either too complex or too bloated.

Slagle's Response:
1. I love the community and the excitement of the game. Personally Hytale is like my dream game. It has aspects of everything i have ever wanted in a game and i could see that from the trailer alone so I am very excited to see the finished game. And the community is such an amazing place. It mames me super happy every time someone likes a post I made about a model I made and when devs of Hytale like them I freak out with joy.

2. I have always loved art of all kinds, drawing, composing and playing music, and painting. I love trying new forms of art and seeing how well I can pick them up and seeing what I can make. I absolutely love the art style of Hytale so I wanted tk be part of it. So i started with blender modeling simple things and then I found block bench and craftstudio both of which I use now. I texture most of my recent models 100% by hand

3. I really want to work on a server or be a fairly known artist. Both would be epic but im fine with either. I am currently making art etc for Hycast which I am super pumped for!

4. I am 100% self taught, I started making small things like animals and swords and built my way up.

5. I have a lot of experience with pixel art and making minecrsft texture packs so i have the texturing side mostly down it was just the modeling i had never done before.

6. I use mostly crsft studio and block bench. I know craft studio is an old version of the model maker for hytale so i wanted to get myself familiar with it for when hytale releases. I use block bench because its a little better for more complicated models.

7. I love sci fi and medieval. Two opposite sides I know. I have also been doing some anime charscters aswell.

8. I plan on making mods, and skins. I have been teaching myself java and C# for about a year and kinda have my hands down on it so I think both is where I stand(edited)
[10:42 PM]
9. My advise would be to start smaller. Do some basic things and dont just give up because it doesnt turn out how you want it. It took me months to make something I was really happy with. I would also suggest looking st other art to help you. I have never textured clothes or hair before sk i didnt know how to go about it, i still am not very good at it, so i looked at other content creators work and even official hytale work and learned how to make it from there by taking notes and copying some things on test models

PinguinAnimations Response:
1- The community, everyone is making awesome arts and models, that make me do too, i think that is good, because everyone is learning and when the games launch, everyone will make masterpiece mods, because hey, they practiced a lot.
2-Yanuar Mohendra, Powerbyte7, they do the model port, everything happens because i got the acess to models.
3-ANIMATIONS! and some mods.
4-well, when I was 13 y, i used mine imator to do animations, models, etc, now i have 21 y, so, i don't remember a lot how or why XDD
5-so... a lot of years animating
6-Blender to make models, Cinema 4D to do animations, i like blender because there is eevee, the realtime render, but i still using cinema 4d because i don't know much how to rig in blender.
7-I love "Dimensional" Vibes, alternative realities , and memes too
8-A lot, Dubstep Guns, ugandan knuckles but lives like tribe, mods to help animators, etc.
9-For modelers, If you want to model Lion, search on internet for lions pics, what i mean?, always use reference, that will help you a lot, don't trust in your mind to model a lion XD, and, for the animators, always use "arcs", im' not talking about the motion curves o blender or somenthing like, "because i think that hytale don't will have this" , i mean, the rule of "arcs",you need to create the curves in your mind, but not a lot!!!, some animations look "gelatinous" because they are too soft, and if you don't use "arcs", the animation will look like robotic, so, apply the right rule, at the right time, keep your balance.


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