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Tutorial: Design your own Hytale skin


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
Hytale isn't out yet, but I'm sure some people want to create their own Hytale skin.
In this guide, i will show you step by step how you can design your own Hytale skin relatively quickly in the browser.

1. Download the template
Go to Powerbyte7's HyAssets GitHub page. There you can download the ZIP file of the project. Once you've downloaded them, you'll need to extract them.

2. Open Notepad
Go to the Blockbench web app. Here you have to click on Open Model:

Once you have done this, please navigate to your HyAssets file:
Select the hyrig subfolder. Then please select the file HyRig3.bbmodel. Now you have to click on Open and you can start editing!

3. Design
Now you should see this interface here:

If you now select Paint in the top right corner, you can start designing your character.
You can now choose the color and then paint the individual pixels on the avatar. You can now design yourself freely and also as with eg. Pixelate your avatar piece by piece with Minecraft skins. Later you can also add other elements etc.

4. Save
Attention: Please make sure that you regularly save your file as a .bbmodel file. This is easily done under File > Save Project.
When you're done, under the Animate tab, you can put your skin in different positions and take photos.

Here you can see an example of a skin:

Have fun! Feel free to post your skins here in the thread!


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Apr 18, 2020
You should let people know that these are more stand-in models until we get access to the official models from Hypixel; they're taller than the in-game models shown in Hytale media.