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Think Terraria!


New member
Nov 19, 2020
Everything about hytale looks amazing and I'd know I'd be happy if it was out as is right noe. But i thought I'd share my thoughts and perhaps see it come too life. It looks like the creators are already down the path of "Terraria" in the sense of a lot of content and creatures, how ever I hope that they add more. Like have rare weapon drops, a whole lot of different types and bosses. Mysteries adventures to go on to fight some boss like the "world eater" off of terraria, and give is a Horror vibe like the Crimson region. when you reach a point in defeating a challenging boss it changes the region or starts a spread of something else and a few more world events happen "like when you defeat the wall of flash" doesn't have to be so dramatic but I believe it's that content of the ever changing world with new obstacles to over come is what makes a great game like terraria and minecraft, except Minecraft is a bit lacking in that area. And I know terraria is a 2D game so it is a lot easier for them to make such content. I know all this is broad but I thought I should put it out there. Been hyped since the first trailer and my hype is still there! Thank you Hytale Team! Keep it up!