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Things you need to know about Diablo II: Resurrected


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Jul 5, 2021
Diablo II: Resurrected is an action role-playing game for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, Switch, and Windows PCs. Using a variety of weapons that include swords, a bow & arrows, and axes, as well as magic.

In DIABLO II: RESURRECTED, the failure to contain the titular demon in the first game has resulted in an invasion of demons. That's where you come in. Played solo or with friends, you have to put a stop to this demonic incursion, and the person responsible, while also exploring the realm and improving yourself so you're strong enough to face Diablo and the other demons helping him to take over the world. A somewhat updated version of a twenty-year-old classic, this boasts improved visuals and sound, and brings this adventure to consoles for the first time, but largely leaves the action intact. That explains why you're still running around fields and caves, dispatching skeletons and monsters with your sword, magic spells, and bow & arrows.

Once again, this happens to be an updated version of a classic game...that isn't as much of an upgrade as gamers would like. For people who loved the original, Diablo II: Resurrected is another chance to play this classic action/adventure game in which you battle zombies, monsters, and demonic creatures using swords, magic, a bow, and arrows, and your skills as an explorer. In this progress, you can get Diablo II: Resurrected items and runes. Except now, the visuals have been upgraded rather considerably (as you can see for yourself by switching between the old and new with the click of a button), as well as the sound quality. It even includes the add-on released later, which expands the saga while also adding an assassin and a nature-loving druid to your career options. Beyond that, though, this is the same game as it was twenty years ago, from the way the combat works to how you manage all the loot you gather.

While people that wanted a better-looking version of the original are in luck, anyone looking for more will be disappointed. Doubly so if you were hoping this would be upgraded to play like Diablo III. For starters, some of the systems they left intact haven't aged well (especially if you play it on console). The map is too small, the inventory system is frustratingly restrictive, having to use the controller's right thumbstick like a mouse to navigate the menus is awkward, and the inability to pause is just baffling. Also, for some infuriating reason, you lose all your stuff when you die. Did anyone ever think this was fun? It also doesn't help that things are not adequately explained. All of which is why purists looking for nostalgia will appreciate Diablo II: Resurrected...while other people will just play Diablo III for the umpteenth time while waiting for Diablo IV.