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The Ultimate Hytale FAQ: Summer 2021 Edition


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Feb 12, 2020

Around November last year I made a post in the r/HytaleForum subreddit trying to find answers to any Hytale related question I could think of! Well, now I come to revise it with new information, questions, and sources! Without further ado, the Ultimate Hytale FAQ

About Adventure Mode

Q: Who are Varyn and Gaia?

A: Varyn and Gaia are two important characters to the main Hytale storyline.[1] Making appearances in several blogpost's, media and even the logo itself [2] we believe that Gaia and Varyn are two gods or god-like beings that fight for control of Orbis. Gaia the goddess of nature[3] and Varyn the lord of the void. We don't know the exact details of how these two will affect the game, but we can assume that Varyn will be the main antagonist[4] and Gaia will be an ally to the player. Gaia controls 5 of the 6 elements and is worshiped by many of Orbis's peoples. Varyn has power of the element of void and leads an army of void creatures.

Q:Can you choose a side? Ex. Fight for Varyn or Gaia?

A:There are factions in Hytale, most notably Kweebecs, Ferans, Trorks and Outlanders[29] and it is confirmed that you can gain 'reputation' with some of these factions from completing quests and objectives.[10] Now it isn't confirmed, however, that you would have the choice to join forces with Void creatures. We will have to wait and see.

Q: Will there be NPC factions?

A: Yes, we have had several revealed already! Namely Kweebecs, Ferens, Trorks and Outlanders, Slothians and Goblins![29][30][31]

Q:What are Zones? Are they different from biomes?

A: Zones are the major climates that make up the world of Orbis[18]. Out of 6 announced zones, only 4 have been revealed[19]. Biomes are smaller ecosystems inside the Zones, reflecting off of the zones major element or theme[20][21][22]. For example, the Emerald Grove represents the element earth, so it includes the mountain biomes. However, the Emerald Grove’s theme is a forested temperate zone, so other biomes like Forests, swamps and grasslands are included!

Q: How are the zones laid out? How do you move from one to the other?

A: The team has cleared up several questions on the world generation recently. Zones 1-4 will be places in a single continent surrounded by ocean on all sides.[19][23] The zones will not be placed in concentric circles [6] and you as a player can start in zones 1-3.[10] You can travel between zones on foot.[24] Some other possibilities however include portals that are scattered throughout the world in portals and Portal Dungeons.[25][26]

Q: Can you interact with factions?

A: Yes, there are multiple different NPC factions in Hytale and their purposes are different from each other.[29] We do know that with some of the friendly factions like Kweebecs you can trade, accept quests and gain reputation.[32][10] Other factions like Trorks and Outlanders appear to be hostile to the player and we have yet to see an example of any friendly interaction between them besides the player throwing food to fend them off.[30]

Q: Will animals exhibit natural behaviors like hunting, sleeping and eating?

A: Yes, the world in Hytale’s Adventure mode is meant feel like you are exploring a “living and breathing environment.”[70] Animals will sleep, eat dropped food[46] and even hunt in packs! [71]

Q:What are Trorks and why are they called that?

A: Trorks are a faction in Hytale and are to be encountered in the Emerald Grove or Zone 1.[29] They form a brutish society and live-in chiefdoms and camps that are guarded fiercely.[9] Although Trorks will be hostile to the player at first, we do know that they are not allied with Varyn and the Trorks could make possible allies. Trorks is the combination of the two races, Trolls and Orks. The name was put forward as a joke at first in the dev team, but it stuck and now we have the trorks we know and love.[4]

Q:Will there be bosses?

A: Yes, We don't know the exact structure of how bosses are classified, but we do know that many dungeons include a boss or mini-boss. A good example of this is the Void Spider which is a boss for it's dungeon.[36] We also know that there are some harder enemies that could act like bosses, that are not necessarily tied to a specific locations. Some possibilities are the Ice dragon and Yeti.[37][38] Boss fights are meant to be hard, but due to the sandbox nature of Hytale, it could be possible to find easy solutions to killing the bosses. To counter this, Boss fights may take place in non-destructible environments.[12]

Q:What are the Alterversus? And can I go there?

A: In a Media concept art the 5 Alterverses were shown and there is endless speculation to what they are.[23] The team has been completely silent on the subject, but popular fan theories suggest Numdrassl is Gaia’s home world and Nexus the planet of Varyn.[Citation Needed]

Q:Who is the Sand Empress?

A: The Sand Empress is an entity/person hinted at in 2 media posts talking about the Scaraks.[40][21] Although these are the only references we have of her, it is known that she is imprisoned at the bottom of the Scarak Sand Palace. This offers plenty of theories of whether she is a Scarak or possible a Feran, but currently this is not known at the moment.[Citation Needed]

Q:Will there be cut scenes?

A: Due to the sandbox nature of Hytale it is unlikely that there will be cutscenes. However, there is an object called a "memory window" that could provide them if there are any.[]

General Information

Q:Will there be different Game Modes?

A: Yes! There will be 4 major game modes in Hytale[5]. Adventure Mode, where the player explores an infinite procedurally generated world with a story arc. Creative Mode (Name not confirmed), where the player can use world editing tools, flying and invincibility to use Hytale as a sandbox[6]. Minigames, official servers that a player can jump into quickly and play with others across the world. Finally, there are servers, all in a large catalogue including an official server and several ran by 3rd parties[7][8].

Q: Will there be Multiplayer?

A: Yes, there will be several kinds of multiplayer in Hytale! Minigames on Official Servers, Dedicated Servers (including one run by Hypixel Studios) and finally local servers.[5][11][8][55]

Q:Will there be Parental Controls?

A: Yes, Hypixel studios promises extensive parental options for Hytale.[5] The game is pushing for a T rating from ESRB.[7]

Q:Are there multiple playable races?

A: Yes, the developers say that you can play as different races [33]. We have current confirmation if Elves as a playable race. The dev's have stated however that there will not be extreme size differences in order to make PvP fair.[34]

Q:Will there be a Realms for Hytale?

A: No, there is no indication that Hytale will provide a subscription service for server hosting.[Citation Needed]

Q:Is the world randomly generated?

A: Yes, the world is procedurally generated and should be completely random for every world you play.[5] There will be similarities in some of the worlds however, such as the temple of Gaia being the same as it is a fixed location outside of the world.[18] The placement of the zones will also be similar, however if you travel past the deep ocean there will be a completely random are known as the infinite lands.) We have little information about these lands.

Q: Will the world be infinite?

A: Yes, the world size will be ‘infinite’. The Main zones will be finite in size but beyond them is an ocean and an area known as the infinite lands. Which will be generated forever.[18]

Q:Will trees break if you destroy the trunk?

A: Yes, they will. Also shoutout to @Oaks on Kweebec Corner’s discord server for sharing this interview (and other information)[35]

Q:Will there be a story?

A:Yes, there will be a story to Hytale.[5] This will be completed by travelling and completing challenges in the specific "Story Dungeons" [12]

Q:Will there be a creative mode of sorts?

A: Yes. Flying powers [11], unlimited health and access to world editing[48], transforming into any creature you want[49] and unlimited block access will be features.[5] There will also be more technical capabilities such as in-game scripting, changing textures real time[50], and machinima tools.

Q: What Genre is Hytale?

A:Hytale is a Multiplayer Sandbox RPG in gameplay[5], a Voxel-game in the art/graphics genre and would fit into the High Fantasy subgenre with Steampunk elements. However, the game developers stress that the game is highly customizable so with the power of modding, or just in game playstyle, the genre could change.[12][51]

Q:Will there be alchemy/potions?

A: Yes, there will be alchemy and potions in Hytale. So far, the potions revealed have been to increase player resources such as health and mana [41] [Citation Needed]. The Alchemy bench has been seen since the trailer, but we have yet to see the mechanics of how it works [11]

Q:Will there be enchanting? Crafting of magical items?

A: Although magical weapons do exist in Hytale, we have seen no indication that the action of enchanting or creating of magical weapons exists in the game.[Citation Needed]

Q: How will crafting work and will it be like Minecraft's?

A: In Hytale, items and armament will be craft-able on their respective workbenches or tables. Your ability to craft items will be restricted based off of your in-game character’s knowledge of recipes. Said recipes can be found scattered across the world of Orbis or can be found from experimentation.[13][52] The System would be closer in comparison to Terraria or Valhiem than Minecraft.[Citation Needed]

Q:Will Hytale have VR?

A: There is no current plan for a VR release at launch.[7][Citation Needed]

Q:What platforms will Hytale run on? Consoles?

A: Windows and Mac are going to be available at release. The game client is not confirmed to work on Linux, but the servers can run on them. There will not be console editions at release.[7]


Q:Can you use 2 hands? 2 weapon fighting?

A: Yes, there will be usage of both hands in the game[16]. We have not yet seen two weapon fighting, but it has been hinted at. However, there are shields and you can hold an item along with a 1 handed weapon at the same time.

Q:Are there large vehicles or vehicles at all?

A: Yes! Everyone loves vehicles. So far we have only seen a hot air balloon in the Announcment trailer,[11] but we also have had boats and other vehicles confirmed from the devs[5] and we have seen a small 1 person dingy in the trailer.

Q:Will there be a void below the world?

A: We do not know if there will be a void like Minecraft's, but if there was, it most likely would have to do with the Void element in Hytale.[Citation Needed]

Q:How will respawning work?

A: We do know that you can spawn in zones 1-3 and that you will start with nothing. Other than this we don't have much more information.[10][64]

Q:Is there a leveling system?

A: No, there is no XP leveling system in Hytale for the players.[12] Now we do have screenshots of the player stats, and although old, we do see that there are core stats that can be increased through gear, specifically in "sets".[13] We also do know that there will be higher 'level' encounters throughout the zones 1-3 where certain enemies will be more powerful than lower tier counterparts[10].

Q:Is there hunger and/or thirst?

A: Hunger has been confirmed by Noxy (Hypixel Studios CEO) and thirst has been hinted at[14]. We have seen cups of liquid to drink.[15] The exact mechanics of hunger are not understood, but we do know that the hunger bar will be hidden when full and that eating food increases health regen[16] and thirst might be tied into Mana regen as hinted at by Noxy, but none of this is set in stone.[17]

Q: How will magic work?

A: After seeing the elf in the trailer use a staff of ice to take out several skeletons’ people want to know how the magic will work.[11] The answer is we don't really know... So far it is believed all magic seen has correlated with the elements.[21](Some question if the green orbs in the skeleton battle are correlated with earth[27]) you can cast spells with staffs, wands[28] and magic tomes. Mana is confirmed, but the mechanics are not known.[17]

Q:Will there be a Redstone like item/system?

A: There will be a system in Hytale for triggering effects or animations. This system will include more scripting than in game placement of objects. However, In the trailer we do see what looks like wires on the ground, that could possibly be mechanically useful.[11] The Dev's have been not only silent, but outright secretive on this question. When asked before they simply replied that they could not answer it as it was confidential.[35]

Q:Will blocks have gravity?

A: Yes, there will be gravity for entities, as well as certain blocks such as trees.[35] The amount of gravity can be changed in a config file so your world can have the gravity of the moon or even less!

Q: If blocks have gravity, how will Hytale have Floating Islands?

A: Not all blocks will have gravity applied to them[35] (see above) and we even have a screenshot with one in it![32] Also there is a concept art featuring a floating island![26]

Q:Will there be Stamina or Mana?

A: There will be Mana[17]. Hytale promises that combat will be derived from skill rather than CPS and spam attacks and many believe that this means Hytale will have Stamina and Mana based combat.[12][Citation Needed] This is reaffirmed by the fact that there are two small bars under the heath bars in the player UI.[42] Although we have seen a screenshot where Mana was used[41] most screenshots and videos of combat that we do have don’t show the two bars working[27]. This could be due to them being disabled. We do know that Mana will be included as we have seen a Mana potion.[41]

Q:Can you Tame animals?

A: Yes, taming animals is going to be a feature in Hytale. We have seen domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, sheep, rams, horses, cows and chickens.[11][43][44] We have yet to see details of taming wild animals, however we do know that you can lure creatures with dropped food and baits.[46] Trorks can tame wolves.[45]

Q:Is there Durability?

A: Yes, Durability has been confirmed in gameplay clips. [16][13]

Technical Stuff

Q:What language will modding be in?

A: The Client is in C#, but modding will be done through API in Java and so will servers.[7][8][35] some sort of Typeset language will be used for behaviors.[9]

Q:Will there be dedicated servers?

A: Yes, there will be large, dedicated servers for all to enjoy on an in-game server list that anyone can create![8][5][55]

Q:Will there be local Multiplayer?

A: Yes there will be a local multiplayer function where you can play with a small group on your adventure worlds for free.[8][5]

Q:Will the servers run cross-platform?

A: Since Hytale is not focusing on distributing Hytale to consoles there is no indication of cross-platform multiplayer.[7]

Q:Can you Monetize your servers?

A: Yes, there will be options to monetize your servers.[7]

Q: Will there be Two factor Authentication?
A: Yes! There will be two factor authentication.[72]

Q:Will there be an Anti-Cheat?

A: Yes, there will be an Anti-Cheat for servers and minigames. We do not know if it will be custom built or a third party software. [5][8]

Q:Can you turn off Anti-Cheat for anarchy servers?

A: There is no information on this subject [Citation Needed]

Q:How many players can be in a server at one time?

A: So far we have seen around 100 players at one time in the trailer, but this will of course be limited to the hardware used for the servers as well.[56][11] There is confirmation that the dev’s have been stress testing servers.[53]

Q:Will there be mods?

A: Yes, Hytale is built with creators in mind and this includes modders[5][49]. Mods will be run through the Hytale API and the client will not be open to modding.[7]

Q: Will there be an in game showcase for my mods?

A: We do have confirmation of an in-game marketplace,[55] but the functionality of this in relation to modding is unknown.[Citation Needed]

Q:Will there be modding API?

A: Yes, there will be extensive modding tools in the game that will help with mod compatibility after updates[8]

Q:Can you mod the client?

A: No, the Hytale team will not allow the client to be modified citing hacking/cheating concerns.[7] They promise, however that Hytale will be so customizable that it will not be needed.[8][5][57]

Q:Can you change the UI?

A: Yes, this will be available for servers to modify[58]

Q:What creator tools are available?

A: There will be in game scripting[11][5], Copy and paste functions, the Hytale model maker[60] and Hytale Animator, Block Tech like RBG[59] values and AI behaviors[9].

Q:Are the Modding tools free?

A: Yes, the base tools are confirmed to be free for everyone to use.[7]

Q:Can servers be modded?

A: Yes, and they can even use mods that you don't have through a sort of client handshake process.[8]

Q:Can Hytale run on low-end PC's?

A: The Hytale team promises improved optimization and if that isn't enough, a wide variety of sliders and options to make Hytale run on just about any computer.[7][5]

Q:Will there be twitch integration? Other social media integration?

A: The team has been working on a discussing on adding integration from other platforms, but they have stated that there is nothing concrete yet. They have said that they've gotten Twitch and YouTube working in game, just not the social aspects.[35]

About the Developers and releations

Q:Where is the team based?

A: The developers work remotely, but a headquarters was recently purchased in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland where QA, Executives and accountants will work.[39]

Q:Will Hypixel move away from Minecraft to Hytale?

A: No, Hypixel will stay in Minecraft and will not be discontinued after Hytales launch.[7] However, there will be an official server run by the Hypixel studios team and could serve as a Hypixel server in Hytale and there is a possibility the Official server will in fact be Hypixel itself, but as a separate server entirely.[5][55]

Q: Who Owns Hypixel Studios?

A: Hypixel Studios, the company that is making Hytale was acquired by Riot on April 16, 2020.[61][63] The Riot team had long been on an advisory board and this allows the Hytale team to explore new avenues in their game. [62]

Q:Will the acquisition change Hytale?

A: The game Hytale will remain the same. Some new opportunities will arise, but there are few to no creative restrictions that have been placed. Riot has been taking a generally hands off approach leaving the team as it is and not making demands. Only intervening if the team asks for help. [61][62]

Q:Does Riot own the Hypixel Server as well?

A: No, the Minecraft Hypixel server is run by an entirely different company now, called Hypixel Inc.[62]

Q:What is Hytale’s relationship with Mojang?

A: Hypixel Studios have maintained a cordial relationship with Mojang Studios. In the Edge Magazine interview, the Hypixel Studios stated that although they would compete in the same space, their goal was not to hurt or harm Minecraft[64]

Q:Will Hytale kill Minecraft?

A: No, although Hytale has not released yet, Minecraft is the top selling game of all time. Even if Hytale is an unprecedented success, Minecraft will still exist, there will still be the core community and likely, Microsoft will still use it’s IP.[Citation needed]

Q:Is Hytale just Minecraft 2 or a clone?

A: No, Hytale is being created by a separate company under a completely different name.[Citation Needed]. The Hytale team has stated again and again it’s purpose is to create a unique game meant to add an iteration to the block game genre.[64][54]

Q:Who is making Hytale?

A: A team of around 60 or so developers in a company called Hypixel Studios LTD.[5][54]

Q:Who is Noxy and Simon?

A: Simon, also known as Hypixel was the creator of the original Hypixel Minecraft server. He also was the former CEO of Hypixel Studios as well as Hypixel Inc.[68] until he resigned and gave to position to Noxy when Hypixel Studios was acquired by Riot Games. Noxy is the current CEO of Hypixel Studios LTD.[62]

Q:Are they hiring?

A: Yes! Hypixel studios is currently hiring for several positions that can be found at https://hypixelstudios.com/jobs/. Also keep a lookout for more openings as they are commonly announced!

Q:how does the team release information?

A: Most of the in-depth information we have is from a series of Blog Posts the team releases at https://hytale.com/news . They also release information actively at the @Hytale twitter and many of the developers teams respective twitter handles(see Every Hytale Resource post)

Q:is there a website?

A: Yes, it is at https://hytale.com for the game and https://hypixelstudios.com for the team

Q:Is there an official social media for Hytale?

A: Yes, you can find the official twitter at @Hytale and hytalegame on Instagram. There are several others you can find on their website (look above)

Q: is there and official Discord server?

A: No, the team said that they want their focus to be on making the game as making an official discord could distract them from doing so.[6] However there are several Hytale communities in Discord that provide news updates, theories and more!

Q:Why is the team so secretive?

A: The Hypixel Team has stated that they want to focus on the game and not on writing blog posts or managing the community.[6] They also want to avoid revealing any features that are still under heavy development due to the Hyper-scrutiny those posts receive.[64][69]

About the beta and release

Q:When will Hytale release?

A: The Hytale team aims to get Hytale available to all players in 2021. The exact date is not known.[65]

Q:Will there be a second trailer?

A: Yes, the Hytale team has hinted at Trailer production[69]

Q:Will there be a beta?

A: Yes, there will be a beta[66][11]

Q:When will the beta release?

A: We don't know, most likely in 2021.[65]

Q:How long will the Beta last?

A: We don't have this info yet[Citation Needed]

Q:Will the beta be open or closed?

A: Although there is no confirmation by the team[Citation Needed], Noxy has frequently mentioned Beta keys and the sign up program suggests that the team has been planning for a closed beta.[12][66][67][7]

Q: Is the beta free?

A: The sign up is free [66]

Q:Can I sign up for the beta?

A: Yes, you can do so at the Hytale website here --> https://hytale.com/signup

Q:What will the beta include?

A: The beta will include Adventure Mode, Creative Mode and some developer tools[64]

Q:Will Hytale have free and continuous updates post launch?

A: Yes, the team will continue adding new and free content to the game after launch[6]

About Monetization

Q:How much will Hytale cost?

A: The team has repeatedly turned down answering this question. They are still working on it. [62][7]

Q:Will there be a marketplace?

A:Yes, there will be[55]

Q:Will Hytale be Pay to Win?

A: No, the Hytale team has made it clear that their servers will not be pay to win.[35][8]

Q:Will there be a server tax?

A: We do not know.[Citation Needed]

Q:Will they sell cosmetics?

A: We don't know, but it is unlikely due to the fact that skins will be able to be fully customized in Hytale model maker for free. [60][5]

About accounts and names

Q:Will riot accounts be used?

A: The Hytale team is finalizing how the Hytale account system is used. They stated that they are looking at a custom account system, but will look into using Riot accounts. They later promised that names would still be unique to Hytale if Riot accounts are linked.[62]

Q:Will there be Unique names?

A: Yes, every name will be unique in Hytale. There will only be one Dream and one Bob and Sally.[7]

Q:Will there be a name reservation system?

A: Yes, the Hytale team has announced that a name reservation system is in the works[7]

Q:Will youtubers get to choose names first?

A: We don’t have this information yet [Citation Needed]


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