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The knights of Libertas, the first anti cyberbullying group in Hytale


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Mar 3, 2019
The Knights of Curan is a voulenteer style group created to help communities. One of our original pourposes was an anti cyberbullying group that was created to stop cyberbullying. How do we do it you may ask? We work together as a team to collect proof and expose the bullies to the admins. We voulenteer to help servers, help ex-trolls/spammers/hackers become good members of the community, we help report cyberbullies with collective evidence etc...

Our full process to vanquish a cyberbully goes as follows:
We get a tip from the community or the victim, we investigate the allegations, if the allegations are true we collect a lot of evidence, once we have the evidence to put them away we make a full formal report to the admins. Now even if the cyberbully is good at covering his tracks and you do not have the evidence to get justice to happen we can help you get the evidence.

Though lets say the cyberbully is not one you can simply ignore, contrary to popular belief these types of cyberbullies are becoming increasingly numerous due to advances in communication technology. Some that our group has encountered in the past in another game have even started smearing our reputation on the game forums (we are still slightly hated there now by some that trusted the cyberbully). Fear not, for this group is connected to the other branches of our guild, which means our civilistry can protect you. You may ask what the civilistry are, they are a branch of the gaming clan's military. They are warriors of the keyboard, if the cyberbully tries to smear your reputation they can try to launch a civil counterargument to shield your reputation. And should The cyberbully decide to argue civilly then there will be no issues and the civilistry, not having to cover up a web of lies will have the clear advantage in thwarting the attempt on your reputation. If the cyberbully decides to not argue civilly and flair up drama then they have just given themselves away.

Remember, forum rules still apply, even in the militant parts of this group, so do not commit any "war crimes": https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vpo63RzS1G_prb3PKqAh8xYL4tYtS6eRYnBx1RRaXyE/edit?usp=sharing

The link to our all in one discord with this, and many more branches such as the modding team, our gaming clan, and our RP channels: https://discord.gg/FmEWwB4