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Suggestions for High Distance Travel and other Dimensions and more


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Aug 26, 2019
Minecraft is not a small game, when you think about the sheer scale of the worlds once they are generated, one becomes aware that normal Overworld travel is not efficient for it. Ergo, the Nether's importance comes into play when one uses it for travel.
I do not know about the size of Hytale's worlds nor can i learn much about it now because of reasons outside my control.
So i'm going to leave this here for anyone to stumble upon, read it and do whatever with it before those outside reasons disallow me further access to internet access.

Travel Realm, The Between: If Hytale developers have made another alternate to the Nether (Travel Function wise) or have plans for it, i'm unaware. But regardless i want to leave this suggestion here.
Instead of a nether replica i suggest a dream like realm, where it functions similarly to a labyrinth and that allows for very long range travel. Appearance wise, it has a lot of similarities to the Dimensional doors mod's alternate dimension and Thaumcraft's eldritch mind realm. A highbreed of both where this realm is the source of all magic and links every world together. Much like the warp of Warhammer 40k... just without the Chaos Gods and less nightmare educing, just strange.
It functions similarly, that while for the most part, is massive winding pathways and strange esoteric non euclidean rooms where one can get lost if not careful, it has many alternate pocket places where players can find loot or discover fascinating new things. Players in this manner are encouraged to map the winding realm to create links and construct portal chains and highways and make the place safer for long range travel between places and different worlds. Entering alone is fine, so long as you're prepared and have the necessary tools to know how not to get lost. Even if a player can get lost there is a high possibility that they can find an alternate way back to the physical realm... however it may drop you off in the middle of nowhere or even in another world altogether. It would make exploring this realm a challenge and exiting endeavor. Well...that's what i personally think.

Most portal systems work through this realm, only that most often than not they are directly chained and no one has to transition through the Between. Those that do transition is to create new portal systems to places where conventional portal magic does not work.

Players who have the necessary equipment and know-how, can even create links to certain places and the like. Even take possession of one of the pocket dimension rooms and use them as either storage areas or their own personal bases in a eldritch realm of magic and power.

This realm is dangerous to traverse, but not impossible. If one stays to the upper layers of the dimension less dangerous it would be and less distance they would travel in the material world. However if they decide to go deeper, the rewards are vast and wondrous, as well as massive travel potential.

The Realm of Deus Est Machina. The Iron World. A Reward for those that like difficulty and extreme challenge.
If a player creates a playable character and increase that character's stats to their max and keep playing the game the system will eventually challenge them. It could be at random or whatever, and it meshes well within the game so you do not think too much of it. The game has those things on its own in random events, but these are placed and timed for that specific player. Collectively, they are the hidden trials and the system makes no notification of it to the player. Its a hidden feature.
Once the player has done it a new world will be opened for them in The Between. It is not easy to find or to enter. But one inside you're treated to a realm straight out of an industrialized nightmare. There are very few animals, what you find mostly are mechanical/corrupted entities who are a mixture of machine and sorcery. They are not the thing you have to worry about though. In this ungodly realm of eldritch magitek, there are things infinitely more powerful and dangerous.
This realm is what happened after 100000 years of technological and magical revolution where a God Like AI was born and subsumed all of mankind, transferring their consciousness and souls into Cyberspace and converting the entirety of the planet into a machine world. This new humanity walks around in machine bodies of various sizes and forms, immortal and eternal, destroying them is merely eliminating one of their vessels. They are endless, they are legion, they are deathless, they are the Mekhani, for they are legion. To fight them is to face the perfection of machines.
Here, those Mekhani are not run by standard AI algorithms, instead by a far more advanced AI learning algorithm, one that knows its a machine and will fight like one, using fearsome tactics and strategies to eliminate its target with 300% efficiency.
However, everything is not Hell and death. While true a player will loose far more than what they gain. What little they do manage to loot from this place outstrips everything else.
Example: A staff made by a player in normal realm: 20 damage points and 4 spells attached to it.
A staff acquired from Mekhani will be: 300 dmg, 20 spells attached, 2 phases, 6 utility options and whatnot.
A player with Mekhani gear is neigh unstoppable everywhere else.

That's it, those are my suggestions.


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Sep 19, 2019
Interesting. I agree that travel/mobility should be heavily considered as the overworld in mc is massive, most of it is unexplorable without something like the nether, and I like your ideas with the different realms.


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Aug 26, 2019
Hytale Ideas. Hello. I have been brainstorming for quite some time with many a thing about projects i am working on and many of them translated to minecraft which eventually led me here, back to Hytale. I am merely placing in suggestions, random ideas that fell on my head and i wanted to post them here in case anyone decides to see some use in them. As i have a limited amount of space i will make multiple posts.

Difficulty dynamics: I do not know if the game will have similar difficulty settings like minecraft, but I’m betting money that it may have it. I propose something else instead of the standard difficulty settings, of course not excluding it in the event of players wanting to make their world with a global difficulty setting.

World difficulty comes in Global and in Zones. Global is for worlds that have a singular planetary difficulty setting, one under the command of the player or admin. Very much like Minecraft has it. Then there is the Zone class difficulty. When the world is loaded the game assigns zones of varying levels of difficulty, each spanning kilometers and some whole countries in size (relative speaking as MC worlds are colossal). Difficulty is related to world phenomena and environmental properties, as well as monster spawning rates, monster types, elemental characteristics and stats for the varying entities and events.
There are 6 zones.
  • Blue: Peaceful. In blue zones no hostile monster spawns. Some animals can be turned hostile, but only when they are attacked. These zones are rare pockets of tranquility and large communities of NPCs can be found here for their safety. Mayor kingdoms can have a capitol on this zones. Blue Zones can be built using arcane devices built for such purposes. Also they can be conquered, destroying the device or causing a large enough migration of monsters to cause its range to collapse and convert into a green zone, or yellow if enough damage is caused.
  • Green: Considered easy. Hostile mobs do spawn, but are either not necessarily dangerous or are in too few numbers to be any active threat. This places can be well settles by NPCs for being relatively safe. These places are far more common than Blue zones.
  • Yellow: Standard difficulty. Here the place is more difficult. More mobs and the like. However with adequate safety procedures even communities can thrive. Monster communities like skeleton towns, undead outposts, arthropod hives, dark towns and things that could be potential threats but can be taken down or negotiated with. Yellow and green share the same geographic area and collectively make up for the vast majority of the area covered in a world.
  • Orange: Its hard difficulty. Large monster communities can be found here. Cities and empires belonging to monsters and unholy creatures can be seen here. In orange zones daemons and angyls can be found roaming the physical realm, but are extremely rare. Also corrupted arcane biomes can manifest like the Flesh Taint, Umbral Forests, Hallowed Fields and Obsidian Mountains however they are rare and sources of good loot for players. They are also an easier prelude for their hardcore variants which are much more difficult and have many more monsters. Very few peaceful NPC communities can ever be found here. Orange areas are more rare than green or yellow, yet are nowhere as rare as blue.
  • Red: Hardcore. The Red zones are extremely dangerous. The full brunt of the corrupted biomes can be found here. Only very experienced players can ever hope to survive here. Rare, but only slightly less so than blue zones. They are also larger than blue zones. Within Red zones one can find the structures built by the Angyls and Daemons. Red Zones can also be completely natural, albeit extremely hostile areas, like the ice sheets of Antarctica where food is extremely scarce and warmth is an uncommon luxury, volcanic areas and tall mountains can also count.
  • Black: Legendary. Like the Machine World within the depths of the In Between, these are isolated pockets which show similar levels of difficulty. They are extremely small and limited in number. If one disappears, another one somewhere in the world will spawn. They only manifest inside Red Zones. They range in size from a city, to a temple. Black zones are areas where Precursors or Outer Ones have walked the earth and left something that mortals may stumble upon. These places are paranaturally difficult to survive. Young players are advised to never go there as the game shifts from a survival game to straight up horror once the threshold to the unholy realm is crossed.


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Aug 26, 2019
Pantheon: I like fantasy settings, especially when it’s mixed with a little bit of sci-fi. The myths of creation go like this as the hierarchy of gods. This is an idea for you to take, if you’d like.

First One: Maker of the universe. Its body is the universe in its own way. It is dead, but being what It is, it matters little, for its still dreams and even death itself dies when talking about something like It.

Precursors: Were born and are part of the First One. They shaped the universe and maintain it. Waiting for its eventual death and rebirth.

Ur: Daemons and Angyls alike. They are embodiments of Stasis/Order and Change/Chaos. Not necessarily good or evil. It depends exactly what they represent. Each concept has a primary, where it creates lesser to act on the universe in their behalf. Their interplay creates and maintains balance. Whenever either one overcomes the other the Precursors step in to fix the mess before whichever place they inhabit succumbs to death.

World Spirits: Planetary bodies with complex life have a supreme spirit that protects its children from harm. They are connected to every iteration of themselves throughout the multiverse. Gaia is the World spirit of Earth and protects her children from harm.

Outer Ones: Beings from other worlds that achieved apotheosis and became gods themselves. Generally they are ancient alien life forms that evolved into godhood or spirits that evolved also. Outer Ones evolve also eventually into their own sort of First One and grow to become universes themselves.

Spirits: Entities that dwell in the In-Between. Most are apathetic to mortal affairs, though some do interact with mortals and grant them booms. Some of the stronger ones tend to have cults to their name.

The universe is constantly in cycles of death and rebirth. The First One is also young and is constantly trying to create a perfect universe, however until such a date comes his Precursors will keep trying to stop the current one he is from dying.


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Aug 26, 2019
Events: The name is self-explanatory. Events are… well… events that bring about changes into the game. Most are harmless while others are dangerous. Some provide buffs for players while others are curses that fall upon areas.
They are separated in various categories.


  • Migratory Events of animals, mobs or factions. They are not generally dangerous, but they represent a large displacement of creatures of a certain type over an area they usually do not manifest. These can be as harmless as a migration of butterflies or hunting game to dangerous like a relocation of a hive or an expansion of monster communities or bandits.

  • Warps. These spawn only in orange and above zones or difficulties of said level, increasing in frequency, duration and size as difficulty increases. Warps happen when the In-Between and the material realm cross phase with each other, causing an invasion of creatures native to the realm of magic to seep into the real world. Can also cause strange phenomena to occur and NPC pops to go weird/hostile/insane/disappear. It is not advisable to be near a warp as the place is highly dangerous and could suck a player into the in-between with little luck of escaping during the duration of the warp. A warp can last anywhere from one week in game to a year. Permanent warps can also be found but they are kept like that through artificial means, usually at Black zones.


  • Wars between nations. These are self-explanatory. If two nations go to war with each other, the areas nearby their kingdoms and their domains themselves will be active with military units that could potentially be a threat or an opportunity for commerce and the like. It all depends on a player’s perspective, relations with the kingdoms or other factors. Wars can also be between Humans and Monster kingdoms, Monsters vs. Monsters and Rebellions are all possible as well.

  • Planar Melding. Imagine a Warp, but spread out and far less harmful and much more beautiful depending on the events that make up the thing. It is heralded by an aurora of various colors manifesting on the sky around certain areas. In here players find that magic regenerates faster and spells are more powerful.

  • Volcanic devastation: You know what this brings. Alongside the usual, fire and ash elementals may be more frequent.

  • Cold Wave: Found mostly in cold biomes, but can spread to others. It brings about colder climates and an increase in appearance of ice and wind elementals.

  • Solar Eclipse. A phenomenon that causes funny things to happen. Not as in ha, ha, ha funny, but weird kind of funny. Precursors tend to be more active during these events. Simply put do not be in any black zones during an eclipse. You’ll regret it for the rest of you short life.

  • Great Pestilence. You guessed it. It’s bad. Very bad. They tend to affect whole kingdoms. Beware, some may be engineered by factions, so it will not go away until said faction is stopped.

  • Cycles of the Year: Astrology, but with genuine stuff going for it. Simply put, depending on which month of the year (in game) you make your character they will have special effects attributed to their persona. All attributes are neutral to the player’s style (whether being sorcerer, warrior or rogue.) But they can facilitate some or impair them. This expands to if a player is playing on the month they made their character they also gain special perks.

  • Blood moon: Higher monster spawn rate. Also monsters and players with affinity to the moon (Lycanthropes and vampires) gain bonuses during the blood moon.

  • Necromancers’ cycle. Every ten in game years players that style themselves into the art of necromancy have more powers to use and monsters using said powers along with undead have increased stats. This cycle lasts half a year.

  • Og’Thele Em-Ur Ieghenthot. When either the forces of chaos and order disrupt the balance of the world the Precursors enact their black march to set things as they were once again. It’s almost like Armageddon but with really scary shit no one wants to have to deal with. Is comes about as both the forces of order and chaos and their respective followers and places they have corrupted being devastated by the precursors, which afterwards there is a period of creation where things return to normal and nature is reborn in the areas that were devastated. Players not aligned to any faction do not have to worry too much. Those that are… well, they better burn their uniforms and flee to the in-between or any other dimension. Those few players that do ever become affiliated with the precursors or other strange esoteric creatures tend to be summoned by the precursors for this event.

Structures and World Mechanics: This one is something that I strongly suggest along with a magic system that I will describe bellow. I heavily implore all of you to take this into consideration as I believe this may become an important part of the game’s mechanics and overall world building and balancing.

When Minecraft was released Notch had no idea that it would become such a massive multimillion dollar sensation and I cannot state enough how much the community has expanded and pushed the game’s mechanics and potentials to levels even the creators were not even aware was possible. This part is especially important because I had seen loads of anarchy sever videos, especially 2B2T, and how much the community has shaped their worlds via mass scaled construction and destruction. 2B2T is unrecognizable from its first day. Spawn is a wasteland of immense proportions that words fail to describe. It is ground Zero on a Minecraftian level, with all that it implies. How massive super builds ruins dot the landscapes and epic battlefield ruins can be found anywhere.

It is with this message in mind that I propose this idea; make the world self-maintaining and alive. Make it under the guise that players have and will use it, shaping it and creating things nature would find an impossibility to do.
I have to separate this into multiple sections.

Ruins: MAKE THEM HUGE!!! Sights that a player would make, not a civilization that replicated what they had in our physical realm into the minecraft/hytale one. Sights that most players would wonder around getting lost in awe and adventure.
Active populated places: Create things that could withstand a siege, not from an army, but from flying forces and the like. Use magical barriers, shields, repairing magic, ballistae for airborne enemies, super powered weapons designed for countering war beasts that can climb walls like if climbing a staircase, or mammoth monsters that can fell walls with the ease a child fells a Lego wall.
Players will inevitably devastate the landscape, like it happened to 2B2T and many anarchy servers. Make the world change ever so slightly over time, that will allow some manner of restoration to it.

How will you do this? Well. My thoughts on it is to either release the game saying its incomplete (little lie, it’s actually finished, only that it needs an overhaul to its buildings and structures), and let the players have at it. GMs calling out for siege games where players must create fortresses while others try to devastate it. Monitor these battles, use them to gather knowledge of tactics, siege warfare, defense and offensive strategies and logistics.

Magic: This is the second thing that I ask for you to take and consider it, unless you already had done it. Magic spells, as well as armors, and weapons are to be heavily customizable. Imagine the Minecraft mod of Tinkerers Construct, but expanding it for all things, as well as magic and magical infusion. Along with the creation of schools of magic.

Summoning: Summoning creatures or spirits from other worlds to aid in combat. Is connected to Planar.

Planar: Manipulation of space, time and dimensions. Is connected to Summoning. Mainly used for creating portals and traversing the In-between.

Deception: Manipulation of the mind, causing illusions.

Alteration: Manipulation of the physical world and changing its properties.

Conjuration: Shaping magical energy into solid objects and tools. Wards also count as this.

Vitality: Healing and restoring energy of targets.

Necromancy: Dominance over souls and the dead. Has relations with Vitality, conjuration and summoning.

Hallowed: Reverse of Necromancy, purifies and cleanses the taint of necromancy and Taint magic. Has relations to Vitality.

Enchanting: Infusing items with magic.

Blood Magic: Sub-school of Vitality. Uses the innate properties of blood as fuel for spells and incantations. Manipulation of blood is also part of its play. Vampires are proficient in it.

Ruin: Using various aspects of reality and magic itself to bring about destruction in its most primal. It is connected mostly with alteration, but it also has its link to conjuration.

Order: Summoning of refined Angyl forces and energy. Has connection to conjuration and summoning, as well as Ruin. Is not technically a true school on its own.

Chaos: Summoning of erratic Daemonic forces and energy. Has connection to conjuration and summoning, as well as Ruin. Is not technically a true school on its own.

Eldritch: Use of primordial magic. Very dangerous for both user and target as its extremely alien in nature. Causes severe secondary effects on players who make use of it.
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