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Dev Update Suggestion: Open Source plugins


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Feb 26, 2019
Hello, i have seen that there are distrust with plugins especially for minecraft, most of the cases are because they break and there is no way to update them unless someone "ilegally" decompile&re-arrange them, but that it's harder with obfuscated plugins.

i would have been fine if said "sphagetty".org required contributors to upload open source code instead of putting limitations on publishers, but i guess minecraft is too limited and they would just copy the same thing over and over again, because there isn't much to do in there after all.

but hytale is different, is full of "possibilities", that aren't easy to uncover.

i suggest that plugins thread can have a custom link box to link the github repo to the thread.

- Community Trust against malware and broken plugins.
- Become a part of open source.
- Encourage learning and sharing
- More plugins will be made.
- Plugins will be more stable.
- Encourage young developers to build their portfolio by doing what they like i.e developing with hytale

- A bit of a hassle for hytalehub

Why link to the thread directly instead of writing it on the thread?, because it's encouraging, if a user see's a github link in only 1/100 of every plugin he wouldn't known what it is.

Making a malware in java can be made by almost any 'Junior Hacker' as long as you give 777 permissions that almost everyone does, and even thought latest linux based distros are better at security they only made it a bit harder.

Alternative: BitBucket

EDIT: it would also be nice if there was an extra tag on the resource for those that publish open source plugins :)