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Staff Application - Johnny

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Jan 4, 2019
Website Username: Johnny

Discord Username: Johnny...#4582

Timezone: CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour

Age: 16

Do I have access to a working microphone? Yes I do

Do you have the ability to record videos on our site? I surely do!

Languages? English and Serbian

Do I actively use the forums? Since it's new, I can only say that I will use it actively

How much time do I have to contribute to the role per-day? Really depends on school and stuff that are more important but I believe the number is 3+ hours per day.

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? No

SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a helper and you mute a well-known user on our discord. Their guildmates start spamming your direct messages on discord, calling you a bad helper and telling you to unmute them. What would you do?

First off all I would ask them to stop spamming in dm and polity ask them to write their appeal in specific discord/forum channel/thread made for reports and complaints. If they keep doing the same thing I will discuss it with superiors and decide on a punishment.

Tell us about one of the best moments on the Hytale Hub: Same as "Do I actively use the forums?" question, I can't say much since it's a new forum but it sure has a lot of potential for a new great memories to be made!

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? I am very careful what I do, which means I go through it multiple times trying to not make any mistakes. Since I'm doing that I didn't make any mistakes or made some minor mistakes that I don't remember.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft, Hytale? I'm a computer science student and a game developer. Also I'm into marketing and graphic design which I do for 4-5 years now. I know it's related to Minecraft but I'm also professional minecraft builder and working for a company called goe-craft.

Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? If so explain what role you played, what skills/experiences you picked up and how this will help you in your role as a helper. I'm founder and project manager of a small game-dev business. It though me ways of communicating and guiding people. It's also handy that I know psychology and sociology pretty well which means I know how to handle a lot of difficult situations and scenarios.

SCENARIO: "You come home from school/work and have a ton of homework/work to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5-minute break before I start and get on our forums. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the forums moderating all that time." What'd you do in this scenario?
First things first I would never let that happened. Prioritizing things is must have ability to do well in life. But let's say that really happened I would jump straight to doing my homework as soon as i noticed how much time has passed.

SCENARIO: You're busy on our forums website as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a moderator for a rule breaker, someone then pokes you on Discord telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do? As I said in the last question, prioritizing is must have skill. I would read through all problems, decide on which are the most important and go through all of them one by one. If it's possible I would contact more staff members to help me with the situation.

SCENARIO: You're in the middle of the day, watching over the forums and discord for any issues, after 5 mins you find out that your best friend is Staff member and he broke a rule and spoke poorly to a user who also broke a rule, the staff member exaggerates his/her punishment and threatens/bribes you to not at all disclose what you witnessed with anyone, what'd you do? Contact a superior, It's easy as that. He's not holding my life on the line so what's the worst thing he can threaten me with. Contact a superior, tell him what happened and move on with your day. That's it!

Anything else we should know? Nothing much, keep up with the nice work and have a nice day! :)


Retired Mod
Jan 11, 2019
Thanks for applying to join our staff team!

Unfortunately, After reading over your application to become a staff member on our forums, we have decided to deny your application. Reading through your application, it appears you haven’t included sufficient detail in your answers. Please tell us about your experiences and what those experiences have taught you in terms of moderation or leadership.

A good example of this would be:
I was a moderator on ExampleMC, on this server I learned a lot about effective communication, learning that whenever I make a choice I must ensure that other staff members agree with this choice for example..

If you’re still interested in becoming a staff member on our website, you are able to do so in two weeks, February 7th. If you have any questions about your application, feel free to send me a private message.

The HytaleHub application team
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