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Staff Application - Harvey

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Jan 24, 2019
  • What is your forum username?

  • What is your discord username?

  • How old are you?

  • What timezone are you in?

  • How many hours per day would you be available to devote towards Hytale Hub?

  • Do you have any previous experience working on similar websites?
    CrazyGTA (http://crazygta.com) - Was a GTA in minecraft recreation, yet it had it's own unique aspects added to it. I started off as a developer and then took on the role as an Administrator once the roll opened up. My main role as Administrator was to do most of the forums work, from managing it to responding to support tickets.

    When I was dealing with support tickets my aim was to resolve the issue and make the player feel like they have had the best possible experience. Most of the time the tickets would be along the lines of them not receiving the item they purchased or had lost it. I would then conclude a search if they had purchased the item, then would find out if they hadn't received it and refund them or how they had lost it, if they had, and refund them.

    I would also have to moderate the site for things that the fellow staff members didn't have the power to punish for. Along the lines of IP pastes, DDox threads, and advertisement posts. Having to remove the posts and punish the user accordingly.

    On one instance we had an issue with a player using a spam-bot to post threads with all the staff members IP's in every possible place they could post a thread. I was immediately informed about the issue, and quickly resolved it by banning the users IP, then quick deleting all of the posts the users made. I then integrated a plugin that limited 3 users to an IP, with a 5 second verification to prevent botting.

    Another instance is where we had a group of users rioting against something they didn't like, again I resolved this issue quickly. I limited all the users permissions to not be able to post anywhere on the forums for 7 days, then deleted all the posts. Finally adding a warning point to all users accounts.

  • What are your real life hobbies?
    Building and repairing PCs.

  • Are you currently employed? If so, where?

  • Tell us about one of your greatest achievements in life, as well as one of your greatest failures.
    My greatest achievment was administrating for a Minecraft server called CrazyGTA.
    My greatest failure was not really trying my hardest in school last year, I was really lazy and I regret that so much. When I realised how badly I was doing I really turned it around.

  • Do you have any programming experience? If so, link any Github projects of portfolios that you own.
    I know a good bit of python, but not enough to class myself fluent in it. Also I am really experience in a Minecraft language call skript.

    Never really kept projects and the ones I have I am not allowed to disclose.

    I know a lot XenForo due to been a forums administrator on CrazyGTA. Such as plugins, permissions, roles, themes etc.
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Jan 23, 2019
just use a vpn lul


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Jan 6, 2019
Thanks for applying to join our staff team!
We’re pleased to tell you that your application has been accepted.
Please check your private messages for further information. For information on what happens next, view our thread here: https://hytalehub.com/threads/673/

The HytaleHub application team
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