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(SPOILERS) Super Secret Page - Hytale Site Easter Egg

What's Turbo Chicken's purpose?

  • Be a useless mob.

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Give out quests or rewards as an NPC.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Skrrrt around Hytale all day long.

    Votes: 4 66.7%

  • Total voters


Mar 8, 2019
Super Secret Page - Hytale Site Easter Egg

This is probably old news for most but I couldn't find a thread talking about it on the site so I wanted to make sure the information is out there for people who don't know. There's a hidden easter egg deep in the Hytale Announcement Trailer that reveals a secret URL on the Hytale website.

If you watch the video at 1:51 you'll see the Live Scripting frame where a scientist seems to be experimenting with a Cyclops by turning it into a pig. If you look closely at the console on the left hand side you'll see some script being typed. Amongst this script is the secret URL "www.hytale.com/supersecretpage", which if you type into your browser, will take you to a page linked no where else.


On this page you wont find much though, Hytale will recognise that "your dedication is impressive" and introduce you to a new character of the game "Turbo Chicken"... who loves you... apparently.

I hope this thread was useful to at least a couple of you,

Let me know in the replies what you think Turbo Chicken's purpose is? Will we see Turbo Chicken in game, will they be an NPC or maybe a mob? What would your ideal outcome be for Turbo Chicken?

Thanks for reading :)


Well-known member
Jan 9, 2019
Hmmm... well I did know about this, but I never thought to make a post on it. Good thinking!

On the topic of Turbo Chicken, it seems like more of a dev inside joke, like The Noble Pigeon, or the Mighty Bananas with the Yiga Clan (BotW, anyone?)

I mean, it might make it into the game, potentially being a tutorial guide, for the model maker, live scripting, modding, or maybe even gameplay. I doubt it would be an actual mob.
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