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Solution: Wotlk pre-patch unplayable


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Jul 5, 2021

Lagging whatever you do, especially during evenings (starting around 16:00 UTC)

EU Firemaw loot lag 30 seconds per item when it's bad

Wotlk has not even launched yet. Most likely will get worse until that. Will be bad sometime after.

Wotlk launch will be a catastrophe because of the horrible megaserver performance, of course, you should prepare with enough WotLK Gold now.

The current solution from Blizzard (EU):

Free char transfer (FCT) to low-pop servers. Hydraxian Waterlords (PvE RP) or Mograine (PvP)

Locked megaservers. "Blizzard has now disabled paid character transfers and new character creation indefinitely on all US and EU mega-realms"

Problem with the current solution:

Faction balance. Could swing in any direction during the free migration on FCT servers, and you could end up as a minority to a 99% hostile faction server. Transferring from there again will cost 25€ per character.

Low population / Dying server. The FTC server might not be successful. Not enough active players. The game is not fun and it does not work properly when there are not enough active players on the server

No one wants to migrate. People want to play on megaservers, or at least on servers with a high enough population.

EDIT: Paid transfer to a populated server with desired faction balance because of Blizzard's problems is not a solution. Pay to solve a problem not caused by you? And paid transfers for multiple chars will get expensive.

Viable solution?

Blizzard has apparently stated, that there is no tech solution to this. I guess that the optimization (way the game uses database and the architecture changes) could mean game engine refactoring, and possibly work amount equal to WoW2 in the worst case. Even then there would be a cap for player amount on a server. So this maybe is an understandable statement.

Allow max 10 000 players (or any viable amount) on each server to prevent lagging / queuing

Split megaservers. EDIT: give a date with a warning beforehand and an appropriate FCT option to players.

This will create problems and angry customers, but so does the current situation or any solution anyway, so nothing to lose.