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Riot Games x Hytale


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May 19, 2019
  • What is happening to Hypixel Studios?
  • Hypixel Studios is becoming a subsidiary of Riot Games. It will continue to operate as an independent studio, with Riot as its parent company.
  • Who will be in charge of Hypixel Studios after the acquisition?
  • The Hypixel Studios leadership team will remain in charge of the day to day management of the studio. Hypixel Studios will have a new board of directors, which will include people from both Hypixel Studios and Riot Games.
  • Will the same people be working on Hytale?
  • Yes. Hypixel Studios will remain the developers of Hytale.
  • Is anything changing about the structure of the Hytale development team?
  • We’re bringing on new developers and making some changes to the structure of our internal teams as we ramp up development on Hytale. These aren’t radical changes to the way we operate, and are changes that we’d likely have made anyway.
  • Are Hytale developers becoming Riot employees?
  • No. Hytale developers will continue to be employees or contractors working for Hypixel Studios.
  • Will Riot developers be working on Hytale?
  • Hypixel Studios developers are separate from Riot Games devs and will be functioning independently from one another. However, at times, Hypixel employees will have opportunities to benefit from training and mentorship from Riot Games developers.

Taken from the April 16th FAQ - https://hytale.com/news/2020/4/announcement-faq-april-16-2020
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