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Recruiting Staff


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Jan 5, 2019
Temp Image Till Logo Is Finished

Hello All
I am today to present you HyGate Network,
We are a new upcoming network that will revolve around many game-modes including some custom made.
Currently we are a work in progress community as i am doing everything alone.

We do have a website that is under development, as well as a discord which again is in development.
I'm glad you asked that, we are going to be have a network of servers some of which will be custom made and some generic to keep players options open. I won't be giving details on what our custom servers will be as don't want someone to steal it. We still have a good few months before we need to start panicking about how far behind we are ;)
Until then we will be making and developing our site and discord ready for the release.
What are we looking for
Staff Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day activities and guidance of all the team members. You will be tasked with setting targets to all departments and implementing guidelines and assisting with any issues staff members have. A staff manager will need to ensure that all the staff understand what objectives have been advised and can work together to achieve it. Constant monitoring by the manager helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.
A staff manager should be cohesive and creative. You also will be setting S.M.A.R.T targets along with providing leadership and direction where necessary.
The best candidate should be able to devise team strategies whilst working in remote teams using a wide diversity of management styles and micro-management.
Staff Manager:
Implement team goals or objectives
Supervise, train or guide team members
Inspire and motivate team members
Provide effective feedback
Manage remote teams
Be knowledgeable about each team members job role
Administrators are the line in front of Staff Manager as you will still be doing pretty much the same jobs but require less responsibility supervising staff but more on the recruitment side. To be a good Admin we require;
1. Be a team player
2. Be detailed and accurate
3. Be dependable and truthful
4. Be motivated and dedicated
5. Have strong organisational, grammar and communication skills
6. Be able to work and compile data and reports
7. Have focus and resilience
8. Be able to make capable and effective decisions
9. Be able to prioritise, and manage tasks
10. Be pleasant, professional and proficient
We are looking for Developers who can;
1. Be able to meet targets and deadlines
2. Be able to use software development applications proficiently
3. Be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues creatively and intuitively
4. Be able to programme in several languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML (Not all languages required)
5. Computer and programming aptitude
6. Be able to work with teams
7. Have a strong interpersonal skills
8. Have excellent time and project management skills

Please note that not all roles are listed and if you wish for a role that isn't shown please mention it to me

If you are interested then please post below or PM me WilsonPlays#6969



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Jan 5, 2019