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Question about building in Hytale


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Feb 13, 2019
Hey folks! My apologies if this is already covered, but I've got a question.

I'm a longtime avid builder and lover of Minecraft, and was also a huge fan of Landmark from pre-alpha to the day it shuttered forever. (username Zhael. Known for an obsession with castles.)

My favorite part about Minecraft is all the amazing mods that have been put in - especially architect's tools that give you 45 degree blocks, getting saws that give you block fragments so you can really detail your work, curved chunks of arches and pillars, and most importantly the function for copy-paste.

I'm hoping maybe a dev out there could fill me in on some tool useage in Hytale. Since it was mentioned you folks were putting in tons of the popular mods, would there be a chance that mods like these would make it in? I'm busting at the seams excited to build a whole new world in Hytale, but I'm really hoping it'll have some of the tools that made Minecraft so special for me. (Also asking this for my good Landmark friends who have continued to co-build on a custom private minecraft server with me.)

Attached are some building screenshots of my assorted obsessions. Three are minecraft (with mods) and one is Landmark.



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Jan 11, 2019

Anything that's not public cannot be answered here - we're not the official developers but I can give you my best guess.

Copying and pasting appears to be in the game itself judging by the world editing tools shown in the trailer. You will be able to model your own blocks/characters using the hytale model editor that comes with the game. Apart from this - it's up to people to make the mods themselves.