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Requesting PixeLife recruiting new staff!


PixeLife Founder
Feb 23, 2019
Hello everyone,

PixeLife is currently recruiting experienced or capable individuals to begin work on a Hytale fantasy, medieval, rpg oriented server. This project is founded by 2 students, so we can't offer you money, but we can offer you a comfortable place aswell a team that is excited for the project! so we can't offer you money, but we can offer you comfortable place, an excited team!

Our objective is to create great Hytale server for everyone who likes RPG, medieval and fantasy with our custom models, races, animations, music, etc...

We want to create server with great lore and background story. You can be common soldier in a huge army, or mighty king it's up to you what way you choose. We are small community now, but everyone has ever begun.

We are looking for:

  • Admins: Ability to logically look for problems and shortcomings and to successfully correct and minimize them. Being a leader who can support the rest of the team. This position requires a degree of responsibility and autonomy.
  • Moderators: Basic idea of moderator work and practices, experience in such a position advantage. The desire to learn new and unknown things.
  • Programmers: Specifically those experienced with Java. Previous experience with Minecraft a plus.
  • Artists: Classic drawing or GFX. Model makers, Animation makers or music creators.
  • Writers: Looking for those who are experienced in writing a story and lore for our server.
  • Content Creators/Promoters: YouTube/Twitch with some community or video editing skills and making videos to our wishes.. (like a trailer)
  • Builders: Anyone experienced in building medieval/fantasy themed buildings or in creating great environment.

If you qualify for any of the above use this application form. Also, you don't need to have any experience with any position. Only enthusiasm, and the desire to improve is important to us!

(We are still working on our graphic, logo, etc... so be tolerant please.)
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