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Jan 5, 2019
djorro’s Curriculum vitae

About me
My real name is Jurre, I’m 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I enjoy playing basketball and I like gaming. I love being part of communities and actually helping these communities out with moderation on their discord, forum, gaming server etc.

My experiance
Some of the communities I have been in are a while ago so I might get some details wrong.

Fragged craft
Fragged craft was a Dutch minecraft server which was a different take on Faction’s in a more roleplaying way.
I had been playing on the server since early 2012 and this is where I got my first ever staff role. After 6 months of playing I became moderator for the server. I helped moderate chat, answered questions and helped new people around the server. After another 5 to 6 months the server switched owner and the staff team was removed.

Kings craft
Since everyone on Fragged craft was removed I decided to create my own minecraft server with two of my friends called Kingscraft. This was basically the same thing as Fragged craft but fully rebuild to our needs. I created a trailer for the server which was seen 5k times in only 1 week. This was not expected at all since it was just us three whom never really had experience running a server. We didn't have any staff yet so in the beginning it was pretty chaotic. A lot of people joined and after a few weeks we got into the swing of things. We had a nice staff team with very dedicated people and a lovely community on the server. The peeks where around 35 people and we averaged 20. After about a year of running the server the playerbase died down and we decided to disband the server.

Since disbanding the server I helped a lot of very small minecraft servers with people who basically didn't know anything about running a server or even anything about plugins. I think this really helped me develop in creating servers since I always had to be the one configuring plugins and setting everything up on the server. Here is where I got a lot of my experience. Since a lot of things went wrong I learned from these mistakes and kept improving on them with the next person I helped to configure their server.

FluctisMC is one of the more recent servers I helped manage. This was basically a faction server but with some small twists and turns. This is where I learned some of my management. I was the one recruiting staff, sponsors, youtubers and scheduling meetings.
At first I wasn't very good at it and I just didn't know where to start. However things worked out pretty fast and we got a nice staff team, a couple of youtuber´s in between 2k to 10k subs. We averaged 35 with peeks at 50 and it was a really nice server. In that time I stepped down from the management role and became Head-Admin. This was a stupid idea because since the original owner left they wanted to turn this faction server into an advanced survival server. The development of the server went pretty smoothly and on the first couple of days we had a decent player base but after that it just went down hill. A lot of players and staff members quit and the server was finally set to shut down.

These were pretty long stories but to sum everything up these are the key things I learned in all these years:
Chat moderation
Server moderation
Plugin configuration
Staff management
Forum management/moderation
Server setup
Plugin setup