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Nowaha's Plugin / Discord Bot Development


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Jan 9, 2019

My name is Noah and I'm from the Netherlands. I am a small developer. I have been into programming ever since I was around 9, where I was building basic applications in Visual Studio. I have started following courses on a platform called Treehouse a while ago, where I have learned to program in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have learned about Java and Python and C# as well, but that was with tutorials and just trying out stuff. I have not really created any full projects so I don't have anything to show you for now, but I have made a few small custom plugins for my own server, so you can ask about them if you want. I also recreated some (minor) parts of Hypixel, so if you would like to see that, you can ask me! I also have a website with some stuff on it, ask for it if you care.

I don't ask for a lot of money, but I would prefer being paid in EUR as that's the currency I have. We can discuss prices on Discord depending on how big the plugin will be! I will charge a bit extra for difficult data storage as that's such a huge pain in the *** sometimes lol

I am currently planning to take on jobs that require a maximum of 2 days of work. My price range is something like 5-50 EUR, completely depending on the time it will take and the complexity of the plugin.

I don't plan on being a fulltime dev for servers, but I will always be available to fix bugs or issues you run into with the plugin I made for you, without any extra charge. I will also update them for you if they break with new Minecraft updates.

If you're interested, just contact me using Discord or through Spigot. I check Discord more often though. We will discuss the basic features of the plugin and what you want it to do, and I will try to let my creativity flow to make something fun out of it! If you don't like the way I did it, you can either be more specific at the start or tell me to adjust a few things. I am comfortable with the "50% before and 50% after method" of payment, or just the full payment upfront/after showing. If you'd like to pay in a different way, ask me and I might consider it a good idea.

Some things to note;
- You are not allowed to sell the plugins that I create for you unless you get permission from me.
- If I fail to create the plugin for you, you will get your money fully refunded. (excluding conversion fees)
- You will have to pay through PayPal.
- I can choose to deny your request if it seems too difficult or I am in general not interested.
- I will make the plugin for you and only you, I will not share it with anyone else.

If something's unclear, or if you're interested, contact me using the methods:

Discord - Nowaha#1234 (changes when nitro expires, just msg me to remind me

Spigot - DM me.

I don't have anything big to show off but you can check out some plugins I made on my server: nowahacity.tk
Do /pl to see the plugins I made:
- NowahaMailbox: The mailboxes at all the doors, saves
- NowahaShops: Type /warp ikea or /warp sunnyanteat - you'll see!
- NowahaProfessions: Works together with the PEX api to give players ranks
- NowahaGeneral: System when you join the server, choosing a home and stuff.

This is the first time I am doing something like this, so this is a new experience for me. Please excuse me for any mess ups
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