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New snapshot

Do you like the new snapshot?

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Jan 2, 2019
I think the new snapshot is really good and I think it's a really good update for minecraft.
I don't know if you guys saw the new minecraft snapshot yet but they released one as an april fools joke but in my opinion it's one of the best updates we received in a long time.
There's so much to explore now like not even so much, There are litterally more then 2 billion worlds to explore and for those of you who didn't know if you manage to explore 1 billion worlds then you get an achievement for it.
Just one bad side to it that I had some problems with are the fps drops sometimes even my server crashes.
What do you guys think of this new update?
I also included a couple of images for those of you who didn't see it allready.

2020-04-02_13.52.31.png 2020-04-02_13.52.21.png 2020-04-02_13.52.11.png 2020-04-02_13.52.04.png 2020-04-02_13.51.23.png 2020-04-02_13.51.02.png 2020-04-02_13.50.17.png 2020-04-02_13.50.12.png 2020-04-02_13.50.03.png